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We are an online curator of brilliant ideas and goods for ladies looking to rock the business world and have fun while doing it! From Juicy wisdom to Genius new finds, we’ve got all you need to sass up your life and biz!

We created Juicy Geniuses as a way to bring together the ideas, opportunities, and tools that helped us achieve success in one fun, conscious place. Over the years, we’ve studied countless business courses, attended the most transformational events and retreats in our industry, and worked with some of the top names in business and personal development.

Now, we want to bring these ideas and opportunities to you. From experiential retreats in tropical or funky urban locales, to powerful training and business-expanding ideas, to gadgets and goods that’ll keep you sassy and sophisticated, we know what’s hot – right now!

Check out our shop to get the latest in curated goodness plus the deets on the re-opening of our flagship program, The Genius League, which was first launched live from stage at Lisa Nichols’ Speak & Write To Make Millions Event in April 2012. If you’re looking to Juice up your business or practice using online tools and strategies, go get on our launch notification list.

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About The Co-Founders

Alexandra Cattoni

Alexandra is an online business and marketing expert, copywriter, and the Co-Founder of Juicy Geniuses.

It was Alexandra’s passion for travel and adventure that led her to the online world 5 years ago. In 2008 she decided to put law school on hold and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she accepted a job at one of the world’s leading online personal growth publishers, Mindvalley.

During her 3.5 years at Mindvalley, Alexandra went from junior marketing intern to Creative Director where she managed a business unit that pulled in over $4 million in annual revenue. She then went on to become the Event Director of Mindvalley’s epic experiential event, Awesomeness Fest, that took place in Maui, Hawaii in November 2011.

Today, she’s leveraging her love of branding, digital influence and marketing by partnering with some of the top companies in business and personal development.

Leanne Kallal

Juicy Geniuses Co-Founder, Leanne, is an online marketing and content creation specialist, and a soon-to-be certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer and coach.

The last 4 years have led Leanne on an intense journey of personal discovery and growth. From working in corporate America, to taking on the roll of Innovations Specialist at Mindvalley, to traveling around the world… one common theme has remained – Leanne is passionate about life and people.

She’s now combining her passions, life experience, and professional training to help women live a desire-based life. Through her coaching, she helps women create the life they actually want, rather than a life based on the “shoulds” or expectations of everyone around them.

Alexandra and Leanne first crossed paths in 2004 when they were studying at the University of Alberta and later worked together at Mindvalley. They now continue to grow personally and professionally, all while pouring their unique passions and skills into helping women worldwide be Juicy in Life and Genius in biz.

Praise from our peeps.

I cannot recommend Alex and Leanne enough because the headaches they took away and the result they got us are absolutely priceless.

Having an online community set up properly is key and, luckily for us, Leanne and Alex were able to guide us through that process. Now we have a business that’s not only fun and our passion, but it’s also producing for us.”

Jim Sheils

Co-Founder of Board Meetings International

They make it really simple, really easy and really inspiring.

They gave me action steps to help me with my online platform and brand my business but in a way that really comes from the heart.”

Michelle Ghilotti

Branding & Design Expert at

Leanne and Alex are two amazing entrepreneurs and I’m proud to know them.

They were guest speakers at my mastermind and shared some great wisdom on how they run their businesses. I highly recommend them. They really know their stuff.”

Jefreaux Peairs

Local Marketing Strategist

They break it down into steps and de-mystify the process of building an online business.

If you’re looking for a way to get online, the Juicy Geniuses are friggin’ awesome. They understand that the internet is going in a new direction and that you have to present something vibrant and different. They are sassy, funky… we love em’!”

Tom Cronin & Nick Broadhurst

Co-Founders of Stillness Effect

They have the “IT” factor and it’s like magic!

They break everything down into bite size chunks that will help you take an idea and put it out there into the world. They know about media, marketing and how to deliver a product. They are amazing! You can trust them and they are good to their core.”

Elizabeth Crane