Born To Learn, Born To Challenge The Status Quo

Have you ever wondered what it is about adolescence that makes us so resistant?

We grow up cute, chubby, and perfectly agreeable. Our parents and teachers feed us information and we accept it without question. We are told to make our beds in the morning and that we can only watch an hour of television a day.

It isn’t a problem.

Then, the hormones kick in, and all of the sudden it seems as if the entire world is against us. School is no longer a place to hang out with friends, but a prison-like institution that takes up hours of our day.

In this short video, by Born to Learn, the challenging years of youth are explained and justified. We learn that this is in fact a time where we learn to make our own connections and challenge the status quo. If it weren’t for this period of risk-taking and challenging attitudes, it just so turns out that the human race might not have made it this far…

Born to Learn from Born to Learn on Vimeo.

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