Rid Yourself of Those Stressful Relationship Blues!

Denial can be blinding, so take a step back and remind yourself of your worth.

T’is the time to be juicy, t’is the time to be free. The key to happiness is you and yourself first and foremost, so why keep up the cycle of suffering and abuse when happiness is just one step away?

Some say love is a roller coaster and while there is no doubt about that, it doesn’t mean that we should cling to a fabricated love just because we committed to it a long time ago. When the person we love no longer treats us properly, its time to say adios.

As STRONG Juicy women, it is up to us to stop the chain of melancholy heartache, because when the love that we have found begins to feel more like something that we cling to rather than something that enriches us, we know it is no longer healthy or empowering.

Now, it might be a scary and difficult process to let go of the familiarity and security that we have found in a significant other, but for the sake of our own happiness, it is always worth the fear.

Our self-worth should never be defined by another’s actions, but by our own. True love should always make us feel more confident, independent and beautiful, because love is about trust and never about vindictive actions or cruel sentiments.

We can never know the heights of our happiness if we don’t first let ourselves experience it. So with the freshness of 2012, let’s become new women. It’s time to ditch the negativity and embrace the positivity, because we are worth more than those individuals who do not appreciate us for all that we are worth!

If others can do it, so can you!

Steve Pavlina is an excellent example of how you too can do it, because all it takes is a bit of adjustment…

One Year After Separation

by Steve Pavlina

Physical Adjustment

The first and most immediate aspect of the separation involved the practical matter of separating our households and living in two different homes. I know our situation wasn’t typical in this case. We had some significant advantages that made this part easier for us than it might be for most people. We already owned a second house that was vacant, and we had the finances to support two households and to furnish the second home.

So this part was mainly a matter of separating a bunch of physical items and then spending money to fill in the gaps. Erin bought a bunch of furniture, and I bought a second car for myself.

Some of those gaps are still there a year later, however. My house has some empty rooms that I haven’t bothered to furnish since I now have an excess of space. But all things considered, this is a minor problem, and there’s no urgent need to address it.

The crashing housing market in Vegas somewhat limits our options though. With the massive decline in real estate values, it would be difficult for either of us to justify moving at this time. But despite the increase in expenses from going to two households, we haven’t had any problem keeping up with bills and such. Our situation is stable. In fact, my web traffic increased this year because my business model adapts well to a down economy — it means more people looking for free content, and this site has tons of that.

Learn more on how you too can adjust to life in the single lane at stevepavlina.com.

Do you have an empowering story to share with the Juicy world? We would LOVE to hear it. Sometimes the strength of another’s story is the exact inspiration that others need in order to find the same strength within themselves.

XO & Juicy Love,

The Juicy Geniuses Team