The Forgotten Trait of

There are many key ingredients to living a happy and successful life.

You need determination, passion, support, a positive attitude, and most definitely self respect – having a sense of your own dignity and integrity. Self-respect is not something you earn, but rather something you embody regardless of your circumstances. As Joe Clark once said, “self-respect permeates every aspect of your life.” Learning to live with respect for yourself could very well be the key to flourishing in this competitive world.

Being a Juicy Genius means living life as you and living it confidently. Juicy Geniuses know who they are, where they want to be and live life radiating confidence and love for themselves and their surroundings.

In this article by Tonya Sheridan, learn why living with dignity is essential to living the Juicy life…

The Forgotten Trait of Self-Respect

By Tonya Sheridan

In today’s society, with our emphasis on building self-esteem and self-confidence in ourselves and our children, we have forgotten the importance of self-respect. We often hear the words interchanged, as if they mean the same thing. The modern misuse of the word self-respect has watered down not only its original meaning but also its value in our lives. Going back to old English, the definition of self-respect was “proper regard for the dignity of one’s person” or “to hold in honor”. It comes from within and is not reliant upon things outside of ourselves, such as physical appearance, public image, wealth, social status, praise, accomplishments, awards or achievements. Rather than being something you “build” or “earn”, self-respect comes from no other reason than the fact that you have the right to dignity because you are a human being. It means to honor yourself as a person regardless of your life circumstances. Knowing this important difference will affect the choices you make and therefore the quality of your life.

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