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Our 90 Day Mind & (Sexy Beach) Body Transformation

Healthy, Happy, Fit and Hot!! Hi Juicy Peeps! Last week Alex and I shared a sneak peek of something we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to over the next 90 days. Yup, that’s right! Over the next 90 days we’re dedicating ourselves to a total body transformation. While I’m a solid believer in the fact that […]

The Power of Positive Visualization

This past weekend was one to remember! (Watch my video at the bottom of the page to hear more about it!) I can still recall reading through my bucket list over Christmas holidays this past year and chuckling out loud when I read “Run a Marathon”. If I remember correctly, the chuckle was followed by […]

When you just don’t know where to start…

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all found ourselves in one situation or another where we just “don’t know where to start”. Maybe you’ve decided to restructure your company or your boss just handed you the “monster of all monsters” project. Or maybe you’re working around your house and decide it’s time for […]

A Juicy Genius isn’t born. She’s made.

It’s not a case of “either you’ve got it or you don’t” because every woman has a Juicy Genius inside of her. You’ve just got to let her out! So what exactly happens when you let her loose? BIG things. Not even a Spielberg-directed movie trailer could compare to how exciting your life could be […]