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Story Time With A Persuasive Dragon

Arlene Dickonson’s 3 Smokin’ Hot Rules of Persuasion Arlene Dickinson lays out a road map to success in her book, Persuasion. When her marriage ended, this was a catalyst for change. Dickinson was hit with a real wake-up call: she only had a high school diploma, no work experience, and a sad resume that screamed […]

4 Simple (Yet Genius) Branding Tips To Help You Pull Away From The Pack

Greeted by fresh coffee, pastries, and a legit lineup of speakers… Last Saturday was an epic day of learning and networking at Jonathan Chow’s “This Is Branding Event” in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. Ladies, dig out your notebooks because you’ll want to jot down some of these takeaways and tips on how to stand out amongst […]

Marketing Strategies 101: A Plan to Get You on Top

Since the days of Donald Draper, the nature of marketing has changed significantly… If you’re asking yourself, “Donald who?”…You’re not alone because the times are changing. While at one time advertising was concrete and tangible, a recent shift towards the digital shebang has made it all the easier for consumers to filter through their options […]

A Simple Process to Turn Fear Into Power

You and me baby, ain’t nothing but mammals… Easy to forget, right? We live in a cushy world where our risks have been largely minimized. We are able to control our environments, and in many cases (barring freak accidents or natural disasters) we can screen our circumstances and take certain routes that we know will […]

4 Tips for Coping With Change

For the past few months, I admit, I have been majorly derailed. A series of funky events and major life transitions had me wobbling on my tracks and lacking the confidence to securely ground myself and attend life, wholeheartedly. As a self professed Juicy Genius, this is hard to admit. Having graduated from University, venturing […]