healthy eating

Keep Those Jeans Loose! 10 Tips For Healthy Eating

The holidays are a time when even the most health-conscious among us throws caution to the wind to overindulge in all those goodies. Now that the holidays are just around the corner (and for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, well underway :)) this is a good time to bring up the topic of healthy […]


What’s Your Happiness Factor? – 5 Tips For Feeling Better

Your Happiness Factor is about your general attitude across the weeks, months and even years. I call it “the Happiness Factor” and it’s all about how you’re feeling the majority of the time. Sure, we all have ups, downs, frustrations, complications or days that are just a little blah. But your Happiness Factor (H-F) is […]

intuitive thinking

Just Listen To Your Gut – How To Use Intuitive Thinking

Do you use intuitive thinking to create, make decisions or help others? Do you ever just follow what some would call ‘gut instinct’ in a moment of urgency, or follow a sudden flash of insight that leads you in an entirely new direction? If you haven’t ever ‘followed your gut’ about something in your life, […]

“Who” Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

“Who” Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Hello all of you Beautiful, Juicy People! Today I have something very unique and special to share with you. It’s something personal and close to my heart, but also completely random and different from my “typical” style. Let me tell you a bit more about […]

Get Moving–Dancing for Balance!

The Benefits of Dancing Balance your body, balance your mind, balance your soul, its easy- just dance! Dancing is a great way to keep fit, build confidence and let go of a little stress. All it takes is your letting go of any pre-meditated perceptions or fears you may have of dancing. You don’t even […]

Exercise your willpower.

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way…

Why Willpower is Key to Success. Willpower. You’re either born with it, or you aren’t… right? Surprisingly enough, recent studies have shown that willpower isn’t necessarily something that you are simply graced with, but instead it is a fine-tuned skill that you can practice and adopt over time, giving those that work for it a […]

Spirit Junkie

Life Lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein, Bona Fide Spirit Junkie.

To Gabrielle Bernstein, a miracle is nothing short of a shift in perception. This inspirational author of ground-breaking self-help books has seen her fair share of ups and downs. Having battled a myriad of addictions and a long-term struggle for self-satisfaction, Gabrielle Bernstein finally made the decision to shift her consciousness and she is now […]