Juicy Career Resource Sites!

The days of red markers and newspaper job postings are over. With a tight job market, that seems to only be getting tighter, job resource sites have proven to be extremely valuable. The search for a new job has always been tedious, but with these new instruments, we can cut down the frustrating process, and […]

Juicy Habits of Happiness

Mind training matters. We spend years of our lives attaining degrees, spend thousands of dollars on our appearances, and surround ourselves with loving friends and family. All in the name of happiness, right? Though these factors do make a significant difference in our self confidence and overall satisfaction, it neglects the most important factor for […]

8 Simple Ways To Go Green

Being environmentally friendly is more important than ever, no matter how busy you are! These days, it can feel like we’re being hit over the head (again and again and again) with the need to become more green in our lifestyles and daily routines. I fully support the need to be green and reduce the […]

Get paid to travel!

Explore Your Horizons!

Traveling is usually a privilege reserved for vacation days and the summer holidays. Money is saved, and then quickly spent while you enjoy different cultures and landscapes. But here’s a little secret….Life doesn’t have to be this way! There is an alternative Recently, I came across a website called Go Abroad, which offers the opportunity […]

Stress management.

Why Stress May Not be Such a Bad Thing…

Stress. For many people, this word is synonymous with anguish. In my personal thesaurus, however, I’ve decided to add the word happiness. I know people whose lives are seemingly run by stress and stressful situations. It makes them sick, tired and incapable of enjoying life’s little pleasures. But what about those of us who thrive […]


Volunteering To Find Your J-Spot!

Time is money. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard before, and for many of us, it’s a domineering mantra. Whether you’re working nine to five, or make a living from a more flexible agenda, we all need to find the time in our schedules to dedicate to earning a wage. This is simply a reality […]