It's important to spend time alone sometimes.

The Importance of Me O’Clock.

I love being alone. For me, being by myself offers a chance to recharge and completely relax. I grew up in a large family, and have always lived with other people, so being alone is a rarity that I relish. Although I know many people who also value their alone time, I also know of […]

3 Natural Remedies To Swear By!

Growing up, I was always treated with a combination of prescription medications and holistic treatments when I was sick or not quite 100% well. Over the years, the list of supplements I turn to has changed, but I still have a few favorite go-to’s that have yet to let me down. (They even sustained me […]

Cat naps could be your perfect sleep cycle solution.

Cat naps. The Ideal Sleep Cycle?

My cat seems to have a pretty good sleep cycle going. He takes little ‘cat naps’ every couple of hours, and spends the rest of his time eating, hunting, sunbathing, and of course, cuddling with me! He never seems to sleep longer than a couple of hours, and doesn’t settle down at all during the […]