Express Daily Gratitude.

Gratitude is sexy.

There’s something really SEXY I do every day. Sometimes I do it in the morning. Sometimes I do it at night… as I crawl into bed. Oh yeah. You can do it privately, but I prefer to do it in public. Yup… out in broad day-light… where everyone can see and even join in if […]

Gals, It’s time to share your J-Spot

We hope you enjoyed the Little Book of Juicy Secrets. We’d LOVE to hear your feedback below. And most important of all, we’d love for you to share your J-Spot with the rest of the Juicy Genius Community. Remember, at Juicy Geniuses, we’re all about connecting intelligent, driven and awesome women from all over the […]

A Juicy Genius isn’t born. She’s made.

It’s not a case of “either you’ve got it or you don’t” because every woman has a Juicy Genius inside of her. You’ve just got to let her out! So what exactly happens when you let her loose? BIG things. Not even a Spielberg-directed movie trailer could compare to how exciting your life could be […]