Stress Relief Basics – 5 Simple Tools For You

Having a few good stress relief tactics is an important part of your success. The ‘Proxy Killer’, that’s what some experts in the field say when they refer to stress. Turns out, when it comes to these ‘Proxy Killers’, stress takes top marks. In other words, it accounts for about 60% of all human illness […]

Inside-Out – Positive Change And Personal Transformation

Sometimes your life will call you inward – whether you like it or not. Juicy living isn’t always a matter of being out and about, gathering with friends, accomplishing tasks and celebrating life. Sometimes your life will call you inward for a time of privacy, silence & transformation – whether you want to ‘go’ or […]

Kundalini Dance Yoga.

Heal your mind, body and spirit. As a fourth year religious studies major I have come to study the many religions of the world. It has been both an enriching and sometimes even enlightening experience, yet I have always felt a gap between what I was learning in the classroom and what the religion was […]

“I Am Because We Are” – Ancient African Wisdom & Other Juicy Tidbits From Loren Slocum!

Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 10: Loren Slocum – Founder of, Author, Tony Robbins Facilitator and Mother Extraordinaire! Hi Lassies! Happy Friday everyone and hold on to your knickers because we have an extra hot interview to share with you today!! This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Loren Slocum and “WOW!” does […]

A Special Valentine’s Day Treat!

Valentine’s Day is that special time of the year when you appreciate and celebrate the loved ones in your life! Yes, it’s generally known as a romantic holiday but this is also a time of the year that opens our eyes to the special people in our lives (friends, family, teachers, mentors, business partners) and […]