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Arlene Dickonson’s 3 Smokin’ Hot Rules of Persuasion

arlene-dickisonArlene Dickinson lays out a road map to success in her book, Persuasion. When her marriage ended, this was a catalyst for change.

Dickinson was hit with a real wake-up call: she only had a high school diploma, no work experience, and a sad resume that screamed “stay at home mom” for the last ten years. Her story of how she went from poverty to corner office is inspirational and one every struggling female entrepreneur should read. According to Dickinson, success requires a vision, a plan, and the power of Persuasion, which all starts with owning your personal strengths from day one.

peruasion-book-reviewWhat I love about Arlene Dickinson: She’s pretty down to earth. Although she’s worked her way up to being one of the most powerful female business leaders in Canada, in her book, she reveals her humble beginnings. Her story begins on the day that she exits her marriage; her four children were taken away from her and she had to move back in with her parents. With courage, determination, and a positive mindset, she quickly made plans to get her children back and land the career of her dreams. The Devil may wear Prada, but Dickinson has three smokin’ hot rules on how to get what you want:

TIP #1

Dialogue | The Art of Listening

Getting what you want is easy: it’s all about them. By building a solid relationship with your prospect (whether it be your boss or your mother-in-law) and listening to what’s important to them, you’re able to tune into their goals, fears, needs, and wants. By developing a real friendship, and creating an authentic bond, the dialogue begins to open up and you’re truly able to connect. At the end of the day, persuasion is grounded on relationships. By picking up on common struggles in their life, you’re able to offer them solutions and opportunities. It’s no longer a pitch, but a two-way dialogue between friends.

TIP #2

Authenticity | Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

As a team leader, Dickinson reinforces one ground rule at all times: be yourself. Stand up for what you believe in. Your gut instinct will always guide you in the right direction and if there’s a bad idea being pitched, than you HAVE to speak up about it. In business and in life, if your gut tells you that something doesn’t feel right, than you have to acknowledge it, and take care of it immediately. It can only get worse, if no one speaks up. By knowing your core values and principles, you have an internal compass on how to find your way to success. Your boss hired you because you’re able to make solid business decisions, not be a people pleaser.

TIP #3

Mistakes | Steps In The Right Direction

When there’s an error, it’s better that you catch it first, fix it, and make it known that you’re all over the situation – before damage spreads like wildfire. Your client will be pleased, and will reaffirm the trusting relationship you have with them. At the end of the day, it will save your reputation. In the corporate, it’s all that you have. Your colleagues will admire you for your strength, integrity, and ability to take action. Watching one of your team members apologize and fixing the mistakes shows a ton of character. Bosses love to groom leaders internally. Making mistakes, owning up to them, and taking immediate action to fix them, reaffirms their decision to hire you. Failure makes you stronger, as it’s part of the personal development process. Self-improvement comes from within, and it’s a key element of growing into a leadership role. After all, leadership is a skill; it is something that is cultivated from within.

Arlene’s book will challenge you to think about how you approach people at work and at home. The foundation of a good pitch for business and for life is simple: knowing yourself first, and knowing what you can do for others, and having the mindset that you’ve got ALL of the tools to get you there. It all starts with you.

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