4 Simple (Yet Genius) Branding Tips To Help You Pull Away From The Pack

Greeted by fresh coffee, pastries, and a legit lineup of speakers…

super-woman2Last Saturday was an epic day of learning and networking at Jonathan Chow’s “This Is Branding Event” in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. Ladies, dig out your notebooks because you’ll want to jot down some of these takeaways and tips on how to stand out amongst your competition.

Rob Barnett kicked off the event with his presentation on what makes great brands great. With a strong background in business + brand strategy, Rob has worked for many of the world’s largest brands including: Coca-Cola, Powerade, Sprite, Kraft, and Kleenex. He is the Principal & Managing Director of Stray Dog Designs, an award-winning Vancouver Branding & Graphic Design studio based in West Vancouver. Their focus is to build thriving brands through creative design and thoughtful brand messaging.

Here are the 4 JUICIEST branding tips I jotted down during his talk:

# 1 Create A Brand Identity

A great brand conveys emotions, shares an experience, tells a story, and creates an identity for it’s consumers – passionately and consistently.

Example: Starbucks as a brand is unique, where there is no substitute. Starbucks delivers a premium customer experience, which has attracted a loyal, cult-like following. The general public is excited to hold their $6 coffee with the iconic Starbucks logo facing out.

#2 Be Radically Different

The #1 identifier of a strong brand is your unique message. Rob begins the branding process by asking his clients “do you know who you are, what you do, and why does it matter?”

The success of the branding journey has to start with your intention, your approach, your vision and ultimately your goals (for your product/company).

We talk extensively about finding your Unique Selling Proposition, niche, and target market in our 4-Step Genius File here.

#3 Have A Killer Logo

The journey of a good logo starts with knowing your core values, and the ability to make a good impression. The logo is essentially a name, easy to remember, and it’s a way to establish the brand’s flag and represent what you stand for. TIP: Create a logo that works in a single color and any size.

We recommend crowd-sourcing your logo design using 99 Designs! It’s fun and a great way to leverage others’ creativity if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for.

#4 Don’t Forget Your End Game

Rob ends his presentation on with a key insight: investment in branding is a long-term investment. When you work on the message, it pays off the grand scheme of things. When you’re authentic, you know who you are, and tell a story consistently with passion, that’s when you deviate from the norm. You develop a competitive advantage and you stand out from the pack.

What’s your #1 branding tip? Has branding been a priority in your business? Why or why not?

We would LOVE to hear about your brand! Leave us a comment below.

Michelle Wong
The Juicy Geniuses Team