Business Growth Strategies: Podcast Edition

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t listened to the radio in almost a year. I do make a pretty conscious effort to read the news in the morning over my coffee, but more often than I’d like to admit I find myself preoccupied with other (less pleasurable… and informative) tasks. I end up running out my door, hopping in my car or on my bike with nothing but my iPod to entertain me and keep me up to date.How to make a podcast.

I think it’s safe to say that for many of us, our iPods and iPhones are becoming tech-babies- never out of sight and always keeping us busy. That being said, they have created the opportunity for idle time to turn into opportunities for pleasure and personal growth.

With the somewhat recent explosion in podcast creation and utility, there is no better time to hop on the bandwagon and join the pod-squad. Totally free to create and download, these sound clips offer a great platform to get the word out about ideas and causes that tickle your fancy- especially if they are related to your business model.

Though easy enough to download, the actual creation of podcasts may not seem so simple. If you are interested in creating your own channel, follow through. It isn’t that difficult! This is a great way to allow your friends, clients, and strangers to pass their time soaking up your philosophies.

If you are looking for inspiration, or aren’t yet aware of Juicy Geniuses Podcast channel, check out our channel! Each week a new Juicy Genius is interviewed and gushes the deets on why they decided to pursue their passions and how they creates the life they always wanted :). Pretty great way to pass the time on the morning drive, if you ask me!

Let us know if you have any questions or tips below… & GOOD LUCK!

XO & Juicy Love,

Paige Mayer
Chief Blogger, Juicy Geniuses