Love your business this Valentines Day!

Whether you’re a entrepreneurial newbie or a seasoned Rockefeller… spend a little time lovin’ your business this Valentines Day!

Did you know that, in America alone, over $18.6 billion is spent on Valentines Day. That’s a whole helluva lot of chocolates, flowers, and lingerie and it got me thinking… with all the dough you spend on looking for love, why not put the same effort into growing your business!

Exactly how much love depends on where you’re at in your relationship. Are you a brand new biz owner or a seasoned Rockefeller? Do you still get butterflies over your monthly P&Ls or are you bored and at the brink of an affair? Knowing the stage of your business relationship will help you determine where the love should flow today.

Valeria Khoo in her article in the Sydney Morning Herald asks…

Are you still in love with your business?

Whether you’re a new business owner still flush with the excitement of first love, or a seasoned veteran in a long-term relationship, it can be worthwhile to think about whether you’re doing enough to stoke the fires of passion in your business. Regardless of which stage you are at in your business, its important to keep your passion for it burning.

This depends on what stage you’re at in your relationship.

Stage 1: Flirting and courting

Before you even start your business, you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while. You might do some research, check out the competition and determine if your potential new love could be the right fit for you. You toy with the idea, flirt with the concept of whether this business could be The One and daydream about the possibilities. You even talk about your new crush with your friends, get their advice on whether you should go for it and finally … you take the plunge.

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What stage of romance are you in with your business and what are you doing this Valentines Day to keep the love burning?

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