4 Tips for Coping With Change

For the past few months, I admit, I have been majorly derailed.

A series of funky events and major life transitions had me wobbling on my tracks and lacking the confidence to securely ground myself and attend life, wholeheartedly. As a self professed Juicy Genius, this is hard to admit.

Having graduated from University, venturing into the world of financial independence, moving cities, going through a sweeping breakup, and shifting away from a group of friends that were as close as family, I felt like I had ZERO security nets to fall back on. To top it all off, I have constantly been asked, by seemingly everyone that I encounter, “What’s next?”. As if I wasn’t already freaking out enough already, the world seemed hell-bent on reminding me that I should be doing big things and shifting without hesitation into the intimidating world of adulthood.

Change is never easy. A fortunate few seem to easily champion evolution, but for others the very thought of it can bring on an onslaught of insecurity and immobility. It can be so easy to resist change, even if we aren’t necessarily happy with the course that our lives have taken. The element of uncertainty that comes with dropping everything (or even certain things) and moving into a new stage can leave us shaking in our little booties, in the grey zone between comfort in an old and new life. Settling for ‘happy enough’, many people bow out to the unpredictability that major transformations can bring about in favor of comfort and safety.

Admittedly, many of the changes that I went through were not self-imposed. This, however, is a reality of life. Sometimes we don’t have the privilege to choose when we want change to come and how we want it to be rendered, but as a wise man once said ‘THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE.’ The ability to acknowledge that change is not only an inevitable and oftentimes healthy process is key to living a successful life.

Read these juicy tips tips below so that you can launch into that next stage life has to offer you without hesitation, or be ready to ride the wave of evolution when it comes your way!

1. Be Aware of Your Comfort Zones

As a Cancer, feeling rooted is very imperative to my feelings of confidence and well being. It took me a while to acknowledge this aspect of my personality, but once I did, my decisions to prolong security became blatantly obvious. Knowing how you feel about change, and more importantly how you cope with it, is very important. Look back on the major transition periods in your life and consider how you handled them. Were you able to make decisions quickly and without hesitation, or did you find yourself skirting around taking action, thinking about what was next constantly instead of taking the steps to realize your desires? Tarnished relationships are a good example here. I know many people who have stayed in relationships for years knowing that things weren’t going to work out, allowing the negativity of the partnership to consume a tremendously unhealthy amount of energy before actually making the decision to move on. Be aware of your alliance with comfort- oftentimes it can be an unhealthy one that has us sacrificing personal happiness and growth in the name of reassurance.

2. Embrace Uncertainty

Sometimes, it’s OK not to know what the next step is. Having said that, there is a big difference between being uncertain and being indolent or insecure. Putting off making a major decision because you aren’t sure if it’s right for you is OK, but if what is really preventing action is a fear of failure or a lack of drive then maybe you should reconsider your motives. We’re only human, and there is no way we can predict the future. When it comes down to it, your gut plays a big role in commitments. Trying to decide between two major jobs? Consider why you are interested in each, and which you feel suits you best personally. Disregard the opinions of others, or the salary, because at the end of the day feeling fulfilled is what will bring you the greatest satisfaction. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are unsure of the next step is to keep your feet in motion. If you don’t have direction, you aren’t going anywhere. Take your time, but use that time wisely to research, self-reflect and determine what you really want and what is causing you to hesitate.

3. Anticipate the Best!

It’s in our nature to expect the worst. A survival strategy, I’m sure, but it’s kind of a shitty one. Obviously when we are going through major changes, or merely anticipating them, we envision what could be, which is often very far from what what will be. Remind yourself constantly that you are still in control, even if what you are in control of isn’t. Sounds confusing, I know, but all that will create the end result of anything is action, and that is purely in your hands. If you aren’t happy with the way things are going once the dust has settled, then trust that you will find a way to happiness and bliss. Keep the faith and try to turn that “… what if?” into “what if…!”.

4. Be Proactive

Once you have reached the point at which change seems inevitable, or simply the right thing to do, embrace it with open arms and the right mind frame. Instead of simply reacting to the situations that are handed to you, be prepared for what can possibly come your way. If you need help, turn to a support system or an online community. Obviously, a rigid and negative attitude won’t do wonders for you during this time, so try to be as flexible and optimistic as possible. Look at your new circumstances as opportunities for growth which can have a substantial, positive impact on your overall quality of life. Instead of waiting around for opportunities to fall into your lap, seek out your best case scenario. Happiness won’t find you, you have to go out there, hunt it down, and prove that you deserve it. Nothing in life comes easy, and ‘leaving things to fate’ is usually the last step in the process of growth.

Whether you are choosing to redesign your own life, or destiny threw you a curve ball, adapting is always at least a little bit uncomfortable. Through the ups and downs, however, having an aware, receptive and eager attitude will make all the difference, so take your time to think about how you can apply the above tips to your personal journey, and own the transitions!! 😀

How do you cope with change? What are your strategies for moving with flow between life stages? Share with us below!

XO & Juicy Love,

Paige Mayer
Chief Blogger at Juicy Geniuses