A Juicy Genius isn’t born. She’s made.

It’s not a case of “either you’ve got it or you don’t” because every woman has a Juicy Genius inside of her. You’ve just got to let her out!

So what exactly happens when you let her loose? BIG things. Not even a Spielberg-directed movie trailer could compare to how exciting your life could be if you only listened to your Juicy Genius. Now we’d love to pull a Charles Dickens/Christmas Carol stunt and take you into your future but unfortunately the internet isn’t so advanced yet. So we’ll have to settle for words.

Let’s talk some more about what a Juicy Genius is…

A JUICY Genius:

  • Is a woman who does what she loves and is challenged and excited by it
  • Lives a healthy lifestyle and wakes up with the energy and vitality to seize the day without a caffeine crash
  • Achieves effortless success and abundance in her personal and professional life
  • Is surrounded by love and has relationships that nurture and encourage her
  • Laughs with her whole body and isn’t shy about it
  • Constantly pushes herself to learn new things be it the latest marketing strategy or hang gliding
  • Does not let society, TV, magazines, models, or any man tell her what she can or cannot do. As Ayn Rand so eloquently put it, “”The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
  • Knows herself better than anyone else and because of that she knows exactly what to focus on, where her strengths lie, and what makes her happy
  • Loves her body and probably does a double take on herself while walking pass a storefront window
  • Attracts other Juicy Geniuses like fashionistas to a half-off Dolce & Gabbana sale
  • Is happy and confident whether she’s in her sweaty running gear or her little black dress
  • Is you!

When you become a total Juicy Genius, every part of your life will be incredible and you won’t ever feel like you have to settle. And if you’re wondering just how do you bring out your Juicy Genius and start living from your highest self, look no further. We’ve prepped a special report for you that encompasses the core basics of becoming a Juicy Genius. Check it out here.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your Juicy comments below!


  1. Ryan Alcordo says:

    Le did you got your phone?

  2. Very inspiring : I talked about it over my french blog : http://wp.me/p1MTDW-r

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  4. […] To find out more about the Juicy Geniuses and the wonderful things they do, check them out here. […]