5 Reasons Why The Best Time To Break Free Is NOW.

Okay, we know the term “breaking free” may seem a little cliche and at times vague so let’s give it a more concrete definition before we dive into the 5 reasons why now, more than any other time, is your perfect moment to break free.

Simply put, breaking free is taking that often scary first step out of your comfort zone and achieving a life where you’re doing what you love, being a total rock star in your field, and enjoying yourself to the fullest. Like a ripe succulent apple, you’re squeezing all the juice out of life. When life gives you lemons, you don’t settle for lemonade. You make a gourmet tropical lemon meringue pie with mangos, strawberries, and a drop of luxurious whipped cream.

Breaking free is about finally turning your big visions and dreams into reality using your Juicy Genius Zone or “J-Spot” as we like to call it. Now that you get the big picture, here are 5 reasons why you need to break free.

1. You can’t live someone else’s life.

Whether we like it or not we’ve picked up a ton of subconscious programming over the years. It could be from our parents, our friends, religion, culture, TV, or that gossip magazine you always read while getting your hair done. How often have we watched an episode of Gossip Girl or Sex And The City and thought, “I really need to get me a pair of those red patent leather heels.” And just like that we’ve been influenced by our peers and society.

For some women, they notice it right away. They immediately snap out of this pre-selected fate of theirs and choose one of their own. But for other women (us included), it may take some trial-and-error and a little more time to turn off the autopilot and ask themselves that brutally honest question: “What do I really want in life?” If you can ask yourself this question and give yourself an honest answer, you’ve already surpassed about 95% of the population.

Have you ever noticed that when you ask people what they want to do or what they want out of life, they seem to only tell you the 149 things they don’t want and rarely talk about what they’re crazy passionate about? It’s because the majority of people have no freaking idea of what they want or where they want to be. Well, I’ve got a question for you. How the hell are you supposed to craft the perfect life if you don’t even know what that looks like to you? And here’s a little Juicy Genius Tip for you. What you focus on expands faster than a waistline at a Vegas buffet. So focus on the good things. Focus on what you love and who you love. Focus on what would make your life extra juicy. Remember, this isn’t The Truman Show. This is your show. You write the script, you choose the shots, and you get to say “Action!”

2. Why wait until you’re retired to do what you love?

If you keep putting off all the things you want to do, you may never experience them. The future can never be the now. That’s physically impossible. So why would you want to keep throwing your dreams and goals into the future? Act on them now!

Right now you might be thinking, “But I’m not rich enough.” We want you to throw that sentence out of your head along with “I’m too old for this” and “I’m broke.” As Tim Ferriss mentioned in The 4-Hour Workweek being rich isn’t about money anymore. This is the dawn of the New Rich where time and mobility are currency, not dollars and pounds.

You’ve got big life goals, visions for yourself and maybe your family, and a picture hanging in your head of your dream life. So why wait until the end of your life to live your dreams? It just doesn’t make sense.

If you’re having trouble thinking of what you’d love to do or what goals you’d like to pursue I want you to try a little technique. Picture you’re at your deathbed. How old are you? Now imagine something miraculous happened and you suddenly had 15 extra years added on to your life! What would you do in that time? How would you spend these “bonus” years. I’m guessing it’s not slaving away at a job you don’t fully enjoy. You’d mostly likely be spending time indulging in the things you can’t get enough of, contributing to those who need you most and leaving a powerful legacy for people to remember you by. Now, why don’t you see about plunking those 15 years into your life right now. Let’s say, starting tomorrow. Let me know how it goes.

3. Don’t become an expert in a field you hate.

If you’ve ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, Outliers, you’ll understand the 10,000 hour rule. Basically, it takes 10,000 dedicated hours to become an expert at something. If you break it down, that’s only 5 years. Not bad, right? Now think about how you’re spending the majority of your time right now. Do you want to become an expert in what you’re currently doing? If not, it’s time to break free and get going in your genius zone. After all, why would you want to waste your time becoming an expert at something you don’t even enjoy?

Now turn the table. Imagine being able to dedicate all your time to doing what you absolutely love-cooking, yoga, writing, scrap booking! This is one of the key Juicy Genius principles. You’d become masterful at something you can’t get enough of! Before long, you’d be THE expert in your field. No questions asked.

4. The world needs you and your J-Spot.

You’ve got an incredible gift and a message to share with the world. Whether it’s in cooking, coaching, writing, or crocheting, you have something to give to the world. So if you’re not operating in your J-Spot then you’re doing a massive disservice to yourself, womenkind, your friends and family, and the world. Yup, you’re that powerful.

When you do something you love, people are going to notice and like the after-sex glow, you’re going to look younger and radiant day after day. When people notice, they’re going to feel your energy and be inspired by you. And when they become inspired, you can bet that they’re going to move into their J-Spot. It’s a ripple effect that doesn’t end.

So don your Wonder Woman outfit, create your legacy, inspire people, and operate from your highest level of impact.

5. Because you can and you abso-frickin-lutely deserve it.

We’re not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park. Yes, at times breaking free may seem scary but it’s only because you’re moving out of your comfort zone. So we want you to know that you have a team of Juicy Geniuses waiting to be your support network. Just jump and the net will appear.

One of my mentors and close friends, Lisa Nichols (who’s totally awesome, by the way), always said, “Your net worth can never exceed your self worth.” This statement alone transformed the way I saw my goals and what I deserved. That’s why we want you to know and feel that you are worthy and that you deserve to be happy.

As long you feel like you deserve all of your dreams and goals, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving them.

I can go on and on about the benefits of breaking free but I’m sure by now you’re wondering just how to start. We get this question all the time so we prepped a special handbook for you called the Little Book of Juicy Secrets. Inside you’ll find the 3 steps to achieve a life with more excitement than 10,000 teeny boppers at a Justin Bieber concert.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your Juicy comments below!


  1. this is awesome ladies found you on Lisa Nichols page i like this page and breaking free is what we all need to do to live a full filled life thanks for this.

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    1. Alex & Leanne says:

      So glad to have you here Tanisha!!! 🙂