Microsoft Just Got (a little) Cooler

I don’t know about you, but I was definitely excited when I saw this recent marketing campaign by Microsoft for it’s newer and “hipper” version of Internet Explorer…

When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but give good ol’ Microsoft some cred. After all, after years of struggling under the giant Apple-shaped shadow, it looks like the old boys decided to put some green behind their marketing and hire some savvy Gen Y’ers to get er’ done. And here’s what they created…

As a #childofthe90s, I couldn’t help but feel that friendly twinge of nostalgia as I watched this. It summed up that awesome decade pretty well (the only things it left out were Devil Sticks, Mortal Combat (finish him!), and music videos on T.V.).

The campaign seems to be a success. The video now has over 11.3M hits on YouTube, #IE10 hash tags are flying around all over the place, and there is even a new (and very aptly-named) website,, that references Ryan Gosling, Hipsters and the looming Apocalypse (likely of the zombie kind).

Wow–there’s no doubt about it. Microsoft is cool now (erm…).

Now, as many rad memories that this video brought back for me and the rest of our generation, there’s one little fact that Microsoft may have overlooked before spending truckloads of money on this campaign…

Not many of us are willing to give up our beautifully-synched Apple devices and boot up a P.C. to switch to the new IE (but we’ll share this video with our fellow Saved By The Bell fans)!

Thanks anyway!

A Child of the 90s,

P.S. All cheekiness aside, what are your thoughts on the new IE and this marketing campaign? Was it an effective campaign or did it miss the mark? I’d love to hear your thoughts (and any other 90s nostalgia)!

P.P.S. This post marks the first in my brand new Genius Column that I’ll be writing every 2 weeks to share ideas and news (and an opinion or 2 ;)) related to business and marketing.