7 Marketing Sins To Avoid

Seth Godin On What Not To Do

A few weeks ago I came across this article, “Seven Marketing Sins”, on Seth Godin’s blog. For those you who are unfamiliar with Seth Godin, he’s a very successful Author of 14 books (Tribes and Linch Pin being two of his more recent books) and he’s also been called “America’s Greatest Author”.

I enjoy receiving his newsletter updates and every now and then, he shares a blog post that really speaks to me.

Today I’ve decide to share this post that spoke to me for a very specific reason….

Seth outlines the thought provoking seven marketing sins and then continues to point out that these sins are not exclusive to the world of marketing.

Here’s a quick overview of the “Seven Marketing Sin’s” that Seth Godin talks about:

1) Impatient
2) Selfish
3) Self-Absorbed
4) Deceitful
5) Inconsistent
6) Angry
7) Jealousy

So often, marketers (especially online marketers) get a bad rep and people think we’re inauthentic or untrustworthy because we’re choosing to sell goods or services to someone. Yes, there are definitely some slime balls out there but might I say that most of us marketers choose to create, sell or promote products because we truly believe in them and their ability to solve a problem for our community.

I enjoy this article because Seth so eloquently points out that these sins are not reserved solely for marketers, but rather they are sins that anyone can exhibit in any situation at any point in time.

I think it’s important to avoid committing these sins in ALL areas of our life, not just marketing.

Imagine how much more productive and fulfilled we would all be if we avoided these sins on a daily basis?

Now yes, we’re all human and there will enviably be times where we get impatient, angry or jealous. And yes, there are times when we’re far too self-absorbed, inconsistent and possibly deceitful (yes, stretching the truth or choosing to not share certain information is a form of deceit).

It’s hard to admit that we’re not perfect beings, but the sooner we can identify our flaws and get over our hang-ups, the sooner we’ll be able to become better human beings in ALL areas of out life.

In the long run, becoming a better version of ourselves will lead to more success and fulfillment, and that my friend, is JUICY and GENIUS!

You can read Seth Godin’s article, The Seven Marketing Sins, here.

What do you think about this article? Are there any “marketing sins” you’ve been committing that are holding you back?

If so, don’t be afraid to fess up and share your sins and thoughts with us below! Sometimes the simple act of sharing our imperfections helps us to grow into a better version of ourselves.

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