Follow That Flash! – How To Let Your Intuition Guide You

a womans intuitionHave you ever had one of those ‘flashes’ when you just knew what to do next? You know – that feeling of such certainty that to ignore it would seem fool-hearty or just plain dumb? Well this, sisters, is your intuition at work. Unfortunately, for many of us, such loud-n-clear flashes are few-n-far between. A lot of the time, the ‘still small voice’ of intuition is drowned out by the busy, busy mind, the ‘To-Do’ list, the job, the family, grocery lists … you name it.

But that ‘still small voice’ of intuitive guidance is key to living your juiciest life. Why? Because your intuition is the voice of your greatest self. Call it your soul, your spirit, your higher being or even Goddess, but whatever you call it, this is the guidance that comes from the part of you beyond your personality, the part beyond what you think you aught to do. The part that sees the biggest picture of the biggest, bestest, juiciest you!

Following a loud-n-clear flash of intuitive guidance is easy, but following your intuition to make decisions on a daily basis is when you’re called to a deeper level of self-trust. And it’s those seemingly ‘small’ decisions that sometimes make a huge difference in your life – like running into someone you needed to connect with at Starbucks because, even though you’ve got coffee at home, you just ‘felt’ like a latte this morning. Or calling a friend to say hi just because she was on your mind, and she gives you the name of exactly the right person to talk to about a career change, or the perfect book to read to help you in your next phase of growth, or just the right vote of confidence when you’re feeling a tad too much self-doubt.

Those who live their lives solely following their intuitive guidance are like ice skaters – they glide through life. What they need comes to them at the right time: parking spaces opens up for them, red lights turn green, their kids don’t give them (too much) grief, and their work is fulfilling. Sure, they face challenges too, but it’s as if they’re in flow, their days moving along, clickety-click.

So how do you let your intuition guide you when it’s not screaming a message loud-n-clear? With …

1. Practice
2. Daily Guidance
3. Self-Trust


The main ingredient for hearing your intuitive guidance is to practice listening. Sounds obvious, but here’s a question for you: do you really listen? Do you really recognize the very first thing you ‘hear’ inside your head when faced with a decision? Do you sense the first ‘hit’ about a situation or choice, or do you immediately start mulling over all the pros, cons, plusses and minuses?

It’s that first ‘hit’ that is your intuition at work. So to practice ‘hearing’ it, you’ve got to slow down that other, analytical part of your brain that’s always ready to jump in with a 1000 bits of commentary all at once. And how do you do this? Meditation.

Yep. A daily practice of meditation will do wonders in building your connection with your higher, wiser self. Now this doesn’t mean that you’ll always get answers to specific questions during meditation (although you might). What it does mean is that you’ll get more in touch with the silence in between thoughts, and more sensitive to guidance versus mental noise.

Daily Guidance

While you’re on your way to cultivating a deeper relationship with your inner self through meditation, using a daily guidance tool is a great way to get regular affirmations of what you already know within. There are plenty of different daily guidance tools to choose from, some of them ancient, some relatively new. You can work with the iChing, for example, to discover the deeper meanings and spiritual insights into any situation you ask about. You can pull an angel card to gain the assistance of the angelic realm. You can use the ancient system of rune stones, or tarot cards or newer version of card guidance like Unicorn cards, Crystal cards, Fairy cards or Medicine cards (to name just a few).

Old Skool use of these forms of divination related to prediction and prognostication of superficial things. But when you move past the ideas of that these tools are only for women seeking that ‘tall dark handsome stranger,’ you’ll find them to be a superb way to give you insight and understanding into your self, your life’s challenges and the way to approach any situation. The most important thing is that whatever you choose, be sure the images speak to you and use them only for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Learn to Trust

Learning to trust that ‘first hit’ about something is a bit tough at first, but don’t be discouraged. In fact, there’s a really easy way to prove to yourself that that initial ‘message’ from within is the right one – start writing things down. Simply keep a journal or notebook for building intuition and keep track of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or more thoughts on any question you ask. You can use this for major decisions or minor choices. No subject is too trivial, because what you’re wanting to do here is keep a record to look back on.

Once you’ve got a bunch of entries, review them, and see which answers were the very best. Then go back to the feeling sensation of the ‘right’ or best answers, and start connecting with those sensations. In time, you’ll get very familiar with what intuition feels like compared to your mental, ‘rational’ ideas about something.

This self-trust is really important. Why? Because not all intuitive guidance seems rational when you first receive it. Sometimes, the intuitive ‘hit’ you get about what to do next might seem irrelevant or even like nonsense, but in time you’ll find that when you follow it, you’ll become like that gifted ice skater, gliding through your beautiful, juicy life!

When has your intuition been so spot-on that you followed it easily? What juicy goodness did it lead to? Tell us your story in the comment section below.

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Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker, self-empowerment coach, and teacher of Sacred Self-Knowing. She’s also the author & host of The Healer’s Way, a blog dedicated to Alternative & Energy Healing. Dawn’s sacred mission in life is to “Help people unlock the door to their soul’s greatest calling.” Her writing, teaching and workshops are lively, playful, content-rich & deeply transformative.