Spicin’ Things Up With The Bedroom Joyologist!

Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 24:
Allison Braun, AKA The Bedroom Joyologist

Hey sexy sistas!

This week, things are heating up at Juicy Geniuses! The Bedroom Joyologist, Allison Braun, joined us for an interview and we hope you enjoy her perspective on sex and business as much as we do.

In today’s interview, Allison offers a unique twist on how what happens behind closed doors is a direct reflection of what happens in our personal and professional lives.

The topic of sex and sensuality is often considered taboo and untouchable. Something that shouldn’t be spoken of, especially as it relates to business. Well today, Allison shares her story of how she spent a good portion of her life suppressing her sexuality, her joy and her passion for living. She often felt lonely and isolated because she was hiding a part of herself that she was afraid to share with the world.

Allison’s life and vision for her future started to transform when she connected with her sexuality. Changes started to appear in all areas of her world and she discovered that by accepting her sensual self, she was able to full express herself in business and in her daily life.

An added bonus was that her self confidence soared and she found herself surrounded by likeminded female entrepreneurs, all dedicated to helping one another on their journey to happiness and success.

Join us for this spicy interview today and learn:

  • How paying attention to the topics you like to gab about will help you find your purpose.
  • Why sharing your whole self will boost your confidence and help you create a circle of likeminded friends.
  • How suppressing yourself in the bedroom may hinder your business success and happiness.
  • Why connecting with your sensual self through yoga, dance and self-pleasuring will clear out negative energy and welcome new, positive energy.
  • Plus much, much more…

Watch Allison’s interview below and enjoy!

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Take a few minutes to reflect on your current life, inside and outside of the bedroom. What areas of your life are you suppressing your true self in? What is one way you can start to connect with your true self and share it with others?

Leave your questions and comments below. We look forward to hearing your comments on this sassy interview 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about Allison and her self-expressed community, visit her website here. Allison is also creating a Sexified Sister-Hood and you can contact her here if you’re interested in learning more about it.

As always, thank you for tuning in for another Juicy Friday Interview and have a fabulous weekend!

XO & Juicy Love,
Alex and Leanne

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