3 JUICY Steps to Authentically to Increase Your Confidence, Clients and Cash Flow

Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 35: Heather Pennell, Intuitive Photographer & Brand Strategist

heather-pennellWelcome Juicy G’s! Wow, do we have a JUICY interview lined up for ya! This week, we interviewed local Vancouverite (yes, that’s what they call us), Heather Pennell, LIVE and in living color! Yup, no pleading to the Skype gods for a blurry-free interview this time around! More important though, is the JUICY content we’ve got for you today. Let us tell ya, it is the perfect combination of powerful, practical, and transformational wisdom for all you conscious entrepreneurs out there.

First, let us tell you about our fabulous interviewee…

Heather is an Intuitive Photographer and Brand Strategist for entrepreneurs and business owners. This Juicy Genius he has a knack for encouraging people to let their true selves shine through. Her photos glow and it’s because she does much more than what meets the eye.

In today’s interview, Heather is going to share her 3 Steps To Authentically Increase Your Confidence, Clients and Cash Flow. We’ll discuss:

  • The “comparison game” and why it’s holding you back…
  • What you can do today to move through your insecurities and step into your confident, true self…
  • A sassy tip for what to do when nerves get in the way…
  • And lots more!

Tune into the video below and get ready to take some notes!

After watching this video, take a few minutes and schedule time to complete 2 things you’ve been avoiding. Start putting yourself out there!

Heather has also recorded a special meditation audio for the Juicy Geniuses Community! This is the same process she takes her high-level clients through to help them bust through their barriers and let their true self shine. Leave your BIG thanks to Heather below 🙂

Push the play button below to listen to this audio! Or, download it so you can pop it on your iPod!

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Download mP3 (Right Click & Save).

To connect with Heather, you can visit her website or check her out on Facebook. Leave your comments and questions for Heather (and us!) below and please give us a thumbs-up on Facebook!

Happy Juicy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

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