Juicy Friday Rewind – 3 Sassy Success Strategies

Juicy Genius Interview Series Week 22: A Recap!

Hi Ladies, The past couple of months have flown by and we’re happy to report that we’ve had another 7 fabulous interviews with some very impressive women. Our Juicy Friday Interview Series also went Global over the past few weeks! In addition to the lassies we interviewed on this side of the pacific, we also had the chance to connect with two fabulous Aussie’s, an elegant femme in France, a Hawaiian beauty (we know it’s in the US, but it’s still an exotic locale!) and a sassy Latina amiga from Venezuela!

Despite the geographical differences, we noticed that there are plenty of similarities between these 7 Juicy women and we’re convinced that these traits are they keys to their sassy success!

Let’s take a look at the top 3 trends that appeared over the last 2 months of our Juicy Friday Interviews…

  • 1) Take the plunge! Setting the wheel in motion is KEY. As our good friend, and very first Genius Series interviewee, Jefreaux Peairs says, “Nothing happens until you decide for it to happen.”

    Simply put, it’s far too easy to contemplate pursuing a new idea or making a career change, without actually taking the next steps required to make it happen. Now this is a tricky space to be in because you’re spending a lot of time and energy thinking about your genius idea or new biz opp, so it feels like you’re taking action. The reality of the situation is that it’s far too common for people to be paralyzed with “maybe’s and what if’s” when what they should be spending their time on is figuring out the next step they need to take to turn their “maybe’s” into a reality.

    Lisa Lockwood dished up some great advice when she said, “Say yes before your brain can tell you no!” and “Fire BEFORE you aim!”.

    Sometimes in life, it’s far too common to wait for the perfect time or for the stars to be perfectly aligned, before you take on that new project, purse your winning idea or start that dreaded diet.

    One thing we’ve learned is that it’s important to pull the trigger at 80%. In other words, don’t wait for everything to be perfect because realistically, it’s never going to be good enough and something can ALWAYS be better.

    Embrace the idea of just doing and improving along the way and success will start to show up in your life in many shapes and forms!

  • 2) Daily rituals are a must! The importance of having a regular daily practice continues to make an appearance in our Juicy Friday Rewinds, and we have to agree with our lovely interviewees…Having a daily ritual(s) is key to experiencing balanced success.

    Whether you start your day by taking a peaceful walk or sipping coffee while you complete a cross-word puzzle to fire up your gears, there’s something very powerful in giving yourself “you time”.

    Meditation, positive visualization and daily exercise are other examples of some of the daily rituals the Juicy Geniuses we’ve featured partake in on a daily basis.

    Daily rituals are a way of honouring and respecting yourself. It’s a form of self love and when you take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically, the likelihood of you achieving success and living a fulfilled life you’ve previously only dreamed of happens naturally.

    Take a few minutes and think about your daily self-love rituals. Do you make time for yourself or are you always putting the needs of other people ahead of your own?

    Write out 5 activities that you absolutely LOVE to do and then brainstorm ways to include at least one of them in your daily routine.

  • 3) Make like a sponge and learn from the best! Yes, we’ve also said this many times before, but surrounding yourself with mentors and wise teachers is SO, SO important. You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with so why not start surrounding yourself with people whom you admire and want to learn from?

    Having a positive role model or supportive mentor/teacher is the best way to take your personal and professional like to the next level. Once you find these people, soak up their knowledge and learn as much as you can from them!

    One of the Richard Branson quotes we came across said something along these lines:

    “I always surround myself with and hire people who are smarter than me.”

    This statement shows that Sir Branson himself subscribes to the belief that you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so why not make that weak link a mighty strong one?

    Take a few minutes and make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with on a day to day basis. Are these people positive role models that encourage you to become the best version of you? If not, how can you ensure that your “top 5” are people who keep you motivated and on the path to fulfillment and success?

If you’re interested in (re)watching any of our recent Juicy Geniuses Interviews, you can tune into the inspiring stories and practical tid-bits of wisdom below.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent interviews! Which interview was your favorite and what one success tip can you implement in your life right away? Leave your comments below and thanks for tuning in!

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex and Leanne

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