Olivia Keane’s Juicy Genius Story-How Intuition Turned Sadness Into Success

Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 14: Olivia Keane-Co-Founder of Keane2BeFit and Fitness Coach

Hi ladies! Summer is right around the corner and with this splendid time of year comes bikinis, pools and fun outdoor sports! With fitness on our minds, it only seemed fitting to reach out to our good friend Olivia Keane for our Juicy Friday Interview this week!

Olivia is a successful female entrepreneur and fitness coach and her passion and enthusiasm for life is a breath of fresh air!

2.5 years ago, Olivia started working with women to help them achieve their personal health and fitness goals but soon realized that a large portion of her clients were in need of something more than a healthy fitness routine to be truly happy-the were in serious need of a self-esteem boost. It was this realization that sparked Olivia’s mission of helping girls develop a healthy self-image from a young age realize their true potential.

BUT… Olivia wasn’t always an unstoppable entrepreneur and fitness coach dedicated to helping others with their self-confidence. In fact, it was only a few years ago that she found herself at rock bottom and moved back home with parents. The turning point for Olivia was when the doctors told her she was “depressed” and was handed a prescription for anti-depressants. It was this day that she took a stand for the person she KNEW she was inside and took her life into her own hands.

Join us for this candid interview with Olivia to learn more about:

  • Why consistency is key, no matter what your goal is!
  • How stepping outside of you comfort zone at least once/week will skyrocket your success.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with uplifting, inspiring people.
  • Why you NEED to start following your intuition to be truly happy.
  • Plus many more practical tips from Olivia.

Watch this interview with Olivia Keane and get ready to be inspired. NOTE-This is especially good to watch if you’re feeling a bit drained from the busy week. Olivia’s energy is contagious!!

Push the play button below to listen to this interview! Or, download it so you can pop it on your iPod!

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To learn more about Olivia, check out her personal blog, OliviaKeane.com and her business website, Keane2BeFit.com. You can also connect with Olivia on her Keane2BeFit Facebook Fanpage!

What key take-away did you get from watching this interview with Olivia that you can apply in your life today? Share with us in the comments section below!

Thanks for tuning in to another Juicy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex & Leanne

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  1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

    Another fabulous interview with a fabulous lady! Love ya Olivia Keane!

  2. Leanne Kallal says:

    Yes! It was such a great interview and thanks for being such an inspiration Olivia Keane! We will definitely have to plan a trip to the island this summer 🙂

  3. I'm pretty sure it's Budda that I'm about to quote. Leanne Kallal this really made me laugh. Another great interview. ahahahah I have a lot of fun listening to these and hearing cool people's stories. Thanks for sharing the story Olivia brightened up my day. Keep it up girls. Clearly three up and coming rockstar superstar entrepreneurs. Keep spreading the message girls.

    1. I agree!! I definitely benefited from this inspiring interview! She is on the road to many great achievements, Olivia=awesomesauce!!!

    2. Leanne Kallal says:

      LOL Well I'm glad I could put a smile on your face 🙂 heheh Enjoy your weekend!

    3. May Pongpitpitak says:

      OMG I'm addicted to her vlog. It's so much fun!

  4. It was valuable to share this story Olivia Keane. A wonderful insight and touching story and thank you for sharing your path to personal enlightenment. Keep up the great work! SoloStrength Lifestyle and Fitness welcomes you and your energy any time, and I'm personally very excited for you. Keeping tuned in and sharing it in such valuable ways 🙂

    1. Leanne Kallal says:

      Hi Michael! Glad to hear you enjoyed our interview with Olivia :)) I'm going to check out your site and see what it's all about! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    2. Leanne Kallal Empowerment through core body training – fusion strength/flexibility/breathing training programs beautifully crafted for ladies and men ballerina's and barbarians. Love to have an opportunity to introduce.

  5. Cecile Spilak says:

    Good on you Olivia- admiration for your ambition and looking past the old problem solving standbys including pills and taking jobs that are not fulfilling to ones personal ambitions and desires. Continuing to take baby steps and staying the course – good job and congratulations! I wish you much success in life as you continue your lifes journey that will no doubt include many more obstacles and challenges. Sound like you are up for it!

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