Grief To Greatness: Christina’s Story of A Second First

Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 7: Christina Rasmussen, A Strategist For Life After Loss & Founder of Second Firsts

Howdy Ya’ll! Today we’re in Austin, TX attending an amazing marketing event and earlier this week we had the chance to interview a very Juicy Lady by the name of Christina Rasmussen.

Christina is the proud Founder of Second Firsts and it’s crystal clear that she is 110% passionate about what she does. Christina launched her online business back in April of 2011 and less than a year later, she’s built a blossoming community of over 30K people that steadily grows each and every day.

Second Firsts is a community dedicated to helping people deal with grief after the loss of a loved one. From a young age, Christina always knew that she wanted to help people recover from the pain of personal loss. Little did she know that what she was passionate about helping others overcome, would soon hit her head-on.

At the age of 31, Christina’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was given 6 months to live.

What once seemed like her ideal career, now seemed like a daunting nightmare and naturally, she ran in the opposite direction. Rather than focusing her attention on coaching people to step back into their personal power and enjoy life after loss, Christina restarted her life in the corporate world and soon became a successful HR Executive.

Her career continued to flourish yet there was something deep within that kept pulling her towards her purpose in life-helping others get through what she too had suffered from. Then one day, out of the blue, she walked into her bosses office and, barely believing the words that were coming out of her mouth, resigned.

Not sure of her next steps and with 2 young children to support, Christina followed her passion and dedicated herself to creating a business around giving people hope of a second chance at life after loss and it was then that Second Firsts was born.

Tune into our 20 minute interview with Christina below and find out:

  • Why putting your self “out there” is scary as hell but completely necessary.
  • How focusing on your environment can actually propel positive change at a much faster rate.
  • Why obstacles will increase when you’re focusing on your personal mission.
  • Why ignoring the advice of those around you can actually be a good thing
  • Plus many more juicy, juicy insights from Christina!

Tune into our interview with Christina below 🙂

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Christina has created a warm, welcoming site so be sure to check it out and learn more about her at She sends out her weekly “Message In A Bottle” Newsletter every Friday and is also hosting workshops in Boston and Chicago.

We hope you enjoyed the interview and we’d love to hear which Juicy insights resonated with you the most! Leave your comments in the Facebook section below. We love hearing what makes you grow!

XO & Juicy Love!

Alex and Leanne


  1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

    Thanks for such an incredible interview Christina Rasmussen! Leanne and I absolutely love speaking to you and we can't wait to watch the success of Second Firsts as you continue to inspire and support your courageous community of Life Starters! XO

  2. Delphine Leriche says:

    Another great interview! Love following what you are doing girls. There is always a different yet powerful message to take from those interviews. Keep rocking! xx

    1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

      So glad you are enjoying them Delly! xo

  3. Leanne Kallal says:

    LOVED this interview 🙂 You're full of amazing energy Christina Rasmussen and I can't wait to read your book 🙂

    1. Thank you Leanne Kallal I loved talking with you guys!!