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Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 4: Brandi Shigley, Entrepreneur, Fashionista and Dreamer/Doer

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Denver and hanging out with one of the coolest (and juiciest!) lassys I’ve ever met–Brandi Shigley. Brandi is a self-proclamined Dreamer/Doer and has some serious street cred to back that up. Aside from being uber-cool and crazy fun (and my boyfriend’s best friend), Brandi is…

  • An entrepreneur–she’s the founder and owner of an amazing boutique called Fashion Denver that she created to help support Denver’s passionate fashion designers.
  • A blogger–she’s the creator of a website geared towards teaching people to do what they love. You’ll definitely want to follow the chronicles of this gal.
  • A fashionista–yup, she’s even got her own line of super unique hand bags called B.Shigley Designs.
  • A consultant–from her HQ in Denver, Brandi helps inspire other entrepreneurs and passionate go-getters through her business development consulting.
  • A speaker–she spoke on Denver’s TEDx stage last year on the topic of doing what you love!
  • A musician–this girl has got some rhythm and rhyme and is bad-ass on the guitar. Check out her band, B.Sue.
  • A film-maker–Brandi just finished producing her very first 3-minute horror film (and invented a whole new genre!).
  • An author–I just got word she’s now working on chapter 2 of her new book!

And if that isn’t enough, Brandi has been also featured in International Design Magazine and was named “Denver’s Top Up and Comer” by 5280 Magazine. Cool right?

Brandi has spent the last 13 years following her passions of music, fashion and art and it has landed her in some pretty amazing circumstances. In our interview, she talks about her journey of doing what she loves and the struggles she had along the way. I can honestly say, this was one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Watch the interview I did with Brandi Shigley live in her Fashion Denver Boutique:

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UPDATE: Shortly after the interview took place, I was thrilled to receive this Facebook wall post from Brandi…

“It’s interesting how the unintentional alignment of people in your life can cause changes in your own life. When Sammy Taggett introduced me to Alexandra Cattoni, our worlds collided and it felt as though we were soul sisters ? Alex is one of the brains behind Juicy Geniuses. We spent an afternoon interviewing each other and I definitely felt like that interview contributed to my new choices that I am making.”

One of her new choices (and, if you ask me, total Stroke of Juicy Genius) includes deciding to shut down her Fashion Denver Boutique and focus 100% of her time on doing what she loves! Her story was even featured on Denver Westword, a popular Denver News Blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“Shigley for a long time embodied her own “Do what you love, love what you do” motto, which has also grown into a franchise all its own — Shigley offers workshops on the subject and is now setting out to write a book. But recently, Shigley realized she’d stopped listening to her own words, almost to the point of burnout. “After having a few consulting meetings recently,” she explains, “telling people that it’s so important to be spending time on the things you truly love and less or no time on the things that keep you from doing what you love, I realized that having the Fashion Denver showroom is keeping me from doing what I truly love — which is consulting. I miss the one-on-one business development with designers and other entrepreneurs.” After this epiphany, she made the almost-overnight decision to close the Fashion Denver showroom on Bannock Street and throw all her energies back into advising.”

Goosebumps! So proud of you, B!

To learn more about Brandi and what she’s up to now, check out her blog. You’ll also find the links to all of her other Juicy ventures and projects in the bullet points above.

We’d love to hear what you thought of this interview! If you have any questions for us or for Brandi, leave them below! Thanks for joining us for another Juicy Friday. See you next week.

XO & Juicy Love!



  1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

    It was such a pleasure interviewing Brandi Shigley! She's such a Juicy Genius and radiates so much love and positivity! This was one of the most inspirational conversations I've had. Check it out!

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  3. Thank you for including me as a Juicy Genius Alex!

  4. Delphine Leriche says:

    Love that chick 🙂 Contagious positive energy and this is what I needed to hear today 🙂 Keep what you are doing girls! Love

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