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Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 29: Jody Jelas, Founder of The BOOM Formula

Hi everyone!

Back in the fall of 2012, we sent a survey to the Juicy Geniuses Community to find out what kind of content you’d enjoy the most.

The response we received was amazing and the vote was unanimous across the board… you love our Juicy Friday Interview Series and want more! So, we’ve decided to bring it back and it’s hotter than ever.

This time, rather than focusing on the “Juicy” side of things, we’re infusing the interviews with more business advice and tips. In other words, we’re crankin’ up the Genius in our Juicy Friday Interview Series.

For our first interview back in action, we knew exactly who we wanted! We got in touch with an inspiring female entrepreneur who we met at a marketing event in San Francisco last month.

Her name is Jody Jelas and she’s the Founder of the BOOMFormula

Jody is a brilliant Aussie lassie (we meet a lot of Aussie women up to great things) and when she was 21, she was one of the youngest ever Business Women of the Year Awards Finalist.

Before founding the BOOM Formula, Jody owned a web design business for 10 years. She learned that she enjoyed high level business strategy more than running her web company so she made a new plan of attack that lead her to creating the BOOM Formula–a system designed to help people take their idea and turn it into an online program and thriving business. Jody’s no-fluff, can-do attitude has helped people bring their biz visions to life and today she’s going to share some words of wisdom with you.

Tune into this edition of Juicy Friday and find out:

  • The importance of creating a PLAN and taking actions steps each day towards it.
  • The antidote to the dreaded Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • How to find your “go-to” tool for getting out of your head and back in the game.
  • Why having an accountability partner outside of your business is a great ideal to keep yourself in check.
  • Plus much, mch more…

Watch our interview with Jody here.

What’s your go-to tip for reducing your stress levels and getting your head back in the game? Who’s your accountability partner?

Share your ideas with us below (it’s the first step to making them a reality!).

We hope you enjoyed the interview and Happy Friday!

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex and Love

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