Juicy Friday Rewind: 4 Genius Tips For Starting Your Online Biz!

Juicy Genius Interview Series Week 28: A Recap!

Hi Juicies! It’s almost the end of August and we hope you’ve been enjoying the summer months as much as we have! Aside from having a TON of fun and enjoying everything Vancouver has to offer, we’ve also connected with some amazing Juicy Geniuses. As usual, we noticed some trends in the women we interviewed and we’re going to share these with you below.

Before we share the trends that reveal how these Juicy Geniuses established their own online business, here’s a quick re-cap of who connected with recently (WARNING: this Juicy Friday Rewind is a hot one!)

In the last 2 months we featured TWO women in our “Genius Series” Interviews, Cassiah Jay and Victoria Gibson, who both shared the low-down on how to use Facebook to grow your new online biz. We also connected with 5 incredible women for our Juicy Friday series who revealed their Juicy Philosophies and daily rituals for staying in Flow.

Victoria discussed how using Facebook as an advertising platform is an effective and inexpensive way to grow your online community. She gives some great Facebook Advertising tips in her interview and you can listen to her awesome Facebook strategies here.

Cassiah revealed her Juicy secrets for implementing a social media mix into your biz that suits YOU and your message. Of course, she focused more on the big FB, because that’s where most people hang out these days. Listen to her tips for building and engaging your own thriving Facebook community here.

Dawn DelVechhio, a former Juicy Geniuses Guest Blogger, shared some great advice on how to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome” and she shared her daily routine that keeps her on the track for success. Get the whole scoop from Dawn here.

Liz DiAlto, a kick-butt online fitness expert for busy women, discussed how time-blocking helped her transition from her full-time JOB, to her full-time PASSION of working for herself! It’s great advice and something we recommend too! Learn how she did it here.

Allison Braun spiced things up in this Juicy Friday interview! Known as the Bedroom Joyologist, Allison shared how connecting with your sensual self in the bedroom will help you grow your business. No kidding! Read more about her sultry biz tips here.

Kate Muker, the Founder of Conscious Divas, shared her theory of how the Universe rewards action and why taking any type of action is better than taking none. She also shared the personality types of “ready”, “aim” and “fire” and how they work in biz.Which one are you? Find out here.

And last, but definitely not least, we interviewed the beautiful Leo Goddess, Baljit Rayat! Baljit is the Founder of Lotus Destiny and she helps people discover their souls’ purpose and express it in reality. She talks about connecting to your sensual energy (seems to be a trend here!) and how doing just ONE simple thing will help you grow your business. Listen to Baljit’s interview here.

What a great line-up of women!

Here are the top 4 Must-Do’s that helped these women start their own successful online businesses.

1) Intuition

Yup, we’ve mentioned this A LOT in the past, but it keeps coming up, so here it is again! Tapping into your female intuition is key. Most people are way too busy to notice what their body is trying to tell them. Slow down and start paying attention to the messages your body is telling you. If following your intuition is already a part of your daily life, tell us how this practice has positively impacted you in the comment section below.

2) Prioritization

Staying organized and prioritizing tasks is KEY! Especially when you’re busy with a full time job. Implementing a simple practice such as time-blocking will help you identify the most important tasks for you to complete and it will make sure you dedicate un-interrupted time to those specific tasks.

3) Action

This tip is pretty plain and simple. To accomplish any goal in life, you must take action. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do everything all at once. Identifying the things you can do to move yourself in the right direction is the first step to turning your business into a reality.

4) Honesty

Another simple truth we all learned in Kindergarten and yes, it’s still as important as ever. Being honest to not only the people around you, but also to yourself is crucial to your future business success. Honestly identify what you love to do and what your purpose is! Don’t follow what you’re supposed to do or what your best friend thinks you should do. Follow YOUR path and rest assured that you’re on the right track!

That wraps up another Juicy Friday Rewind! We’ve decided to mix up our Friday interviews and we’ll be contacting you for some advice! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Have a great weekend 🙂

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex and Leanne

PS. What are your weekend plans? Leanne is off to Whistler this weekend for the Wanderlust Festival and Alex will be hanging with her bros in Vancouver! Share with us below 🙂