Follow Your Intuition & Activate Your Internal GPS For Success!

Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 26: Baljit Rayat, Founder of Lotus Destiny

Hi Lovely Ladies! This week we had the wonderful opportunity to connect with another local Juicy Genius from Vancouver, Baljit Rayat.

If you’ve been watching our interviews, you’ll notice a trend… Since we officially moved to Vancouver and put some “roots” down, we’ve been awakened to a reality that we always knew existed, but missed out on when we were living in Malaysia.

The reality we’re talking about is being connected to an awesome community of empowered and juicy women locally! We’ve met a ton of of inspired ladies in Vancouver who know what they want in life and are putting the pedal to the metal to make it happen!

It’s refreshing to mingle with JG’s in our local community and in our Juicy Friday interview today, Baljit actually highlights the importance of connecting with like-minded women and interacting with inspiring, feminine communities.

Genius minds definitely think alike 🙂

In our interview today, Baljit shares her Juicy Philosophy with us. She also shares how an advanced computer software she learned to us in her previous job as an architect, is now the tool she uses to create energetic, healing sacred geometry symbols. It really does show that everything in the past happens for a reason and it’s interesting to see how past experiences contribute to our success in the future!

Tune into this Juicy Friday Interview with Lotus Destiny Goddess, Baljit Rayat, and learn:

  • The power of tapping into your intuition and how to activate your internal GPS system.
  • Why moving your body is key to staying productive, energized and on your soul path!
  • More about our insider “Shake Breaks” and how we deal with stress and frustration when it builds in our bodies.
  • How your business can thrive by doing one simple (and fun!) thing.
  • Why connecting with your sensual energy is a great way to spark your creativity.
  • Plus much, much more…

Watch our interview with Baljit below and enjoy 🙂

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How can you apply Baljit’s Juicy Philosophy to live the life you’re meant to live? Are you listening to your intuition or is this a skill you want to develop?

Leave a comment below and let us know how tapping into your own GPS system has improved (or will improve) the quality of your daily life!

If you’re interested in learning more about Baljit and the unique skills she has to offer, you can visit her Lotus Destiny site here.

Thanks for tuning into our Juicy Friday Interview! And if you’ve noticed we shared this on Saturday, you’re right and we had a special reason for sharing this today…

Today is Baljit’s Birthday and we wanted to send her some love from our JG Community! Be sure to wish her Happy Birthday Wishes in the comment section below and thanks for sharing your Juicy Love with this special lady 🙂

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex and Love

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