5 GENIUS Tips to Boost Profits with Social Media Marketing

Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 34: Devani Freeman, Social Media Superstar

Does any of this sound familiar?

… You find yourself unconsciously scrolling through your newsfeed and creeping on pictures of people who don’t even know for minutes before it registers how much time you’re wasting on Facebook.

… You wake up and one of the first things you do is check your new notifications.

… You think in #hashtags and plan your outings partially based on how hot the photo you can post on Instagram will be.

Yup – you’re a social media addict. But, maybe it’s not a bad thing! Social media ain’t goin’ no where hunny… so why not figure out how to use those sneaky social media minutes to boost your biz!?

devani-freeman-interviewIn today’s Juicy Friday Interview, we’re talking to social media expert (and hottie patottie!), Devani Freeman. Devani is the founder of DevaniFreeman.com and she’s one of the sassiest social media gals around. She helps female entrepreneurs attract more clients and increase profits (both online and offline) with her juicy social media and modern marketing strategies.

In the video below, Devani shares 5 GENIUS tips for boosting profits with social media marketing. (JUICY ALERT: These tips work no matter how big or small your biz is!).

After watching this video, what is one thing of value you can offer to the people who visit your Fan Page? Share your comments below and remember the best “freebies” are the ones that are jam-packed with high quality, relevant info that leaves your fans begging for more!

Get connected with Devani at DevaniFreeman.com to stay up to date on her business tips and tricks. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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