4 JUICY Steps For Turning Your Wisdom Into Programs That SELL

Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 33: Vasavi Kumar, Freedom Strategist & Biz Gangsta

vasavi-kumarIf you’ve been thinking about creating an information program to share your wisdom with the world (and make some moola), then this is a woman you want to listen to!

Today we’re interviewing Vasavi Kumar, the founder of VasaviKumar.com and creator of her own line of self-improvement products including Nourish Retreats and Freedom Forward: The Art of Taking Confident Action.

Vasavi is a Freedom Strategist, a certified coach and she has a double Masters from Columbia University (told ya she was baller). She’s vivacious, funny, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is! So, you can see why we love this woman!

In this interview, Vasavi shares her 4 steps for turning YOUR wisdom into programs that sell.

Watch the video below and, as always, get ready to take some notes! Please excuse the blurry-ness, we’re ironing out the kinks and trying to find the best interview format for you!

After hearing these 4 steps, what is your #1 past learning lesson that has made you who you are today? Share your comments below along with any questions you have for Vasavi! We’d love to hear from you! To learn more about Vasavi and her work, visit www.VasaviKumar.com.

Happy Juicy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

A & L

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