Want To Get Rich? This Lucky Bitch Will Tell You How…

Juicy Friday Interview Series Week 32: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

Denise-Duffield-Thomas-author-of-Lucky-BitchAre you ready for this? It’s Juicy Friday and today we’re laying the cards on the table and having a NO BS convo about your bank account. That’s right! It’s time to talk about money, honey and our gal Denise Duffield-Thomas is sharing her abundance wisdom and insight. Denise is the founder of LuckyBitch.com and she’s the bestselling author of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

She’s also a business coach and motivational speaker whose main focus is helping women create outrageous success in their life. After years of being a self-proclaimed “lucky bitch”, she realized that while she could win just about any contest or prize (we’re talking free training, gifts, and even an all-expenses-paid trip around the world!), she was simultaneously broke.

Not one to sit around and wait for moola to come to her, she stepped into action and figured out how to apply the same principles she followed to manifest “things”… to manifesting money.

We’re glad she figured this out because and we bet you’ll be too after you hear what she has to say!

In today’s interview, Denise shares her 5 tips for removing the money blocks that are holding you back in life and biz.

Watch the video interview below and get ready to take some notes:

What is 1 step you can implement right NOW to start shifting your money and abundance mindset?

Share your comments below along with any questions you have for Denise!

To learn more about Denise and her work, visit www.LuckyBitch.com and grab a copy of her free money manifesting worksheet.

Happy Friday – till next time.

A & L

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