Gals, It’s time to share your J-Spot

We hope you enjoyed the Little Book of Juicy Secrets.

We’d LOVE to hear your feedback below. And most important of all, we’d love for you to share your J-Spot with the rest of the Juicy Genius Community.

Remember, at Juicy Geniuses, we’re all about connecting intelligent, driven and awesome women from all over the world. Becoming a Juicy Genius means surrounding yourself with other Juicy Geniuses all committed to help each other and provide firsthand experience and wisdom. So don’t be shy, you never know who might lend some inspiring advice.

Here’s what we can you to do, in the comments below, write out your J-Spot. That one juicy sentence you wrote out at the end of the Little Book of Juicy Secrets.

An example is:

“My J-Spot is using my story, online marketing savvy and speaking abilities to connect, communicate with and empower women to turn their passions into a paycheck.”

Write it down and feel proud that your sending that intention out to the rest of the Juicy Genius community, and the world! And ladies, don’t forget to support our fellow JGs by commenting and sharing your thoughts and praise.

Ready, set, be Juicy!

Alex and Leanne