Get Moving–Dancing for Balance!

The Benefits of Dancing

Balance your body, balance your mind, balance your soul, its easy- just dance! Dancing is a great way to keep fit, build confidence and let go of a little stress. All it takes is your letting go of any pre-meditated perceptions or fears you may have of dancing. You don’t even have to be great at dancing to reap its benefits. Whether you’re dancing a sultry salsa or the classic funky chicken, you’re already benefiting. Dancing is a fantastic way to unwind your body and release your mind from the daily stresses of your working day. After all, success is about balancing work with play and once you’ve managed that, you can conquer anything.
Curious to know why you should dance?

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Dance Your Way To A Better Health

Dancing has so many health benefits it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being a unique form of exercise which provides the cardio benefits of an aerobic workout, it’s also fun and it allows you to engage in social activities. People of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy dance and its benefits.

Why Is Dancing Good For You

Dancing is an aerobic activity which provides the body with many health benefits. It can increase energy and stamina, improve strength, improve posture and coordination, decrease blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, lower the risk of heart disease, strengthen the bones, etc., etc…

Dancing keeps you fit both physically and mentally. According to studies, touching in itself can be beneficial to health – it can reduce stress and depression and enhance immune system. Overall, dance is a great way to reduce stress and build confidence.

It’s not a surprise that it’s becoming a favourite exercise option for many people across the world.

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  1. I LOVE dancing. Thanks so much for writing this!