Clearing out your closet is good for your soul AND social life!


Over the last week or so, it’s obvious that there is a theme recurring in my life. The whole notion of spring cleaning and the business of “out with the old, in with the new”. The idea that we need to de-clutter our lives, and get rid of things that don’t serve us, allows us to make room for new things to come into our life.

I think that we need to take the opportunity to de-clutter our lives very seriously. By setting the intention, and putting it out there, we are allowing ourselves to manifest for bigger, brighter, and more bountiful lifestyles. I could pin several dozen images that speak to this notion of spring-cleaning, but the task of getting down to it, and de-hoarding our small working/living spaces is actually a lot of work.

From my Juicy notepad, here are FOUR tips on how to get kick start on your #SPRINGCLEAN2014 project this year:

1. Give Yourself A Timeline | By saving the date, you are holding yourself accountable to stuff and staying organized! I love agendas and calendars because it allows me to see things a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. My life is insane with volunteer projects to boost my resume, so to stay on top of my assignments, I need to see things from at least a week in advance.

2. Set Realistic Goals | To keep yourself in check, have a conversation with yourself and outline exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Devote a few minutes (often 30 is a good start) to list what needs to get done, and then allow yourself a 5 days, 10 days, or 15 days to break down the different tasks. Realistically, we’re all super busy, and it’s hard to #GETSHITDONE when our task list is ever growing. It’s super easy to let ball drop on our personal lives, but it’s really not healthy. When you see that list grow in your mind, you’re actually doing damage on your mental and spiritual health because you’re creating negative thoughts and stressing about stuff.

3. Free Threads For All | Once you’ve started to de-clutter, now it’s the fun part. Have you ever had your girlfriends over and they’re digging through your stuff and borrowing it for a night on the town? You’re all like “I have been seen in that outfit WAY too many times on Facebook… so yeah, it’s yours!” (lol) Capture that idea and organize a clothing swap with your friends. It’s the best way to find a way to deal with all of your old florals/corals/prints, do a big de-clutter, and also find a fabulous outfit for yourself along the way. But hey, not TOO many now!


FOR KEENERS: For all of you Pinterest junkies, you can also step this swap party up a notch by throwing together some cupcakes, smoothies, or mimosas for your crew. I bet if you highlight the fact that there will be booze and sugar at this ‘event’ – it’ll be the hot topic in all of your group iMessages.

NOTE: This also works for accessories and lifestyle goods. Birds of a feather flock together. This rule also extends to hoarders. One goddesses’ garbage is another goddesses’ gold. I bet if you have good stuff, your friends do as well #firstworldproblems

4. Karmic Return | After your little swap fest, if you’ve got left over goods, Google your closest Salvation Army and check out their hours for donation. This is a great way to send your stuff to a new home, and not take up copious amounts of space in the junk yard #BuddhaCertified

Ladies, I get that it’s hard to let go of stuff. But, as humans, we just have this weird desire to cling onto things, emotions, habits, and destructive behaviors. Follow my lead, and practice a bit of law of attraction by shedding a few layers this spring season and jump-start your abundance. Set yourself free the shackles of stuff & materials!#YouGoGirl

Are you organizing a swap? Are you donating your shit? If so, snap us some pictures of your #SPRINGCLEAN2014 progress! Tag @JuicyGeniuses in your Facebook & Instagram photos or tweet us advice on how you’re getting stuff done this season!

With florals and coral prints,

Michelle, JG Blogger