What Topic Should We Train On At Our Upcoming Genius League Workshop?

Vote, Comment, & Enter To Win!

Hello all you Juicy and Genius biz Ladies of Vancouver! We are anxiously awaiting our 4th and final workshop in the Genius League Summer Series. It’s happening Thursday, July 24th at 7:00pm in Gastown.

And this time, rather than bring in a guest expert, Leanne and I will be sharing our best secrets on how to juice up your business using the power of the internet!

If you don’t already have your ticket, you can get it here.

Genius League Workshop Series

Now, as many of you know, online marketing/business isn’t an “explain-it-all-in-60-minutes” type deal. There are tons of different strategies, areas of focus, and leverage points that we could speak to.

So… rather than US decide what would be most beneficial to you and your business, we want YOU to decide.

Below is a quick poll with a list of topics we are considering training on. Please pick the top 3 you’d be interested in learning more about, then leave your SPECIFIC question in the comments section below.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win a fabulous (and we mean FABULOUS) gift basket from one of our sponsors. The winner will be announced and awarded the gift at our event.

NOTE: You will only be entered into the contest if you comment. We have no way of tracking poll responses to the voter. We’ll do our best to address all questions in the Q&A after our presentation.

Woo! Thanks for casting your vote! Leave your questions below and we’ll see you Thursday, July 24th at 7pm.

Get details and tickets here.

Alex & Leanne