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Juicy Genius Interview Series Week 16: Michelle Ghilotti, Branding & Design Coach and Founder of Michelle Ghilotti Int’l

Hi Sassy Ladies! As you may know, we recently spoke on how to build and leverage an online community to make moola at Lisa Nichols Speak and Write To Make Millions live event in sunny San Diego. It was an amazing event and weekend for MANY reasons, one of those reasons being the fabulous new friends we made and the awesome “old” friends we got to reconnect with when we were there!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the fabulous people we met at Lisa’s event, Michelle Ghilotti. And yup, you guessed it… Michelle is a total Juicy Genius and within minutes of meeting her, we knew that she was someone we wanted to learn more about and introduce our community to.

Now Michelle’s name might sound familiar and that’s because Alex sent an email introducing her and her upcoming 3 Part Call Series called “Your Haute, Heartful & Magnetic Brand.” This email was the perfect introduction to Michelle and her successful branding, design and coaching company (more on this to come later)!

But like all Juicy Geniuses, Michelle wasn’t always the proud owner of a successful company. Michelle spent years in the corporate world and she had an admirable career working in San Francisco at one of the top “Creative Hot Shops” (that’s industry lingo for “Kick Ass, Top Notch Advertising Agency).

She enjoyed her work, was excited to be a contributing member to building brands such as Starbucks and Got Milk?, but at the end of the day, she found herself unfulfilled. Michelle knew there was something more waiting for her and thus, her journey to Juicy Genius freedom and success began!

Tune into our interview with Michelle to learn:

  • How she harnessed the power of “The 3 C’s” to build her dream business and life.
  • Why finding and connecting with a mentor is key to personal and professional success.
  • How following her burning desire and listening to her intuition lead her to where she is today.
  • The freedom and inner peace that comes along with realizing that each person has a different vision and mission.

Push the play button below to listen to this interview! Or, download it so you can pop it on your iPod!

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How can you apply “The 3 C’s” to your life today? What kind of impact do you think they will have on your life?

We love hearing from you so please share and leave your comments below!

If you loved Michelle’s “Secret Sauce” and want to learn more about her and what she’s up to, visit her Michelle Ghilotti Int’l Branding+Design+Coaching site. And if you’re interested in taking advantage of Michelle’s upcoming FREE 3 Part call series on how to build a Haute, Heartful & Magnetic Brand, reserve your spot here.

Thanks for tuning in for another Juicy Friday and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex and Leanne

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  1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

    The 3 C's! I love it! And definitely all necessary to succeed in business 🙂

  2. Michelle Ghilotti Mandel says:

    I loved this interview so much! There are the 3 C's in branding too Clarity, the Confidence to get out there with ALL of you and a Consistency of message! 😉

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