Facebook Biz Face – How Are Your Social Networking Skills?

Here’s why your social networking skills can make or break your personal branding.

If your business is about you – your service, teachings or signature creations – then personal branding should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Why? Because in today’s world of infinite selection and world wide virtual access to goods & services, people choose brands based on who they like. In other words …

Who you are is just as important as what you have to offer.

Letting prospects, potential clients and customers know who you are is key to your overall success. And there’s no better way to do this on a worldwide scale than through the mega-nation called Facebook.

More than Just a Virtual Happy Hour

We all love facebook to connect with friends, check out pictures, reshare cool stuff and, well, goof off sometimes. 😀 But Facebook is also ideal for building your personal brand and your social networking skills. In fact, Facebook offers at least 3 ways for you to rock your business! Check it out …

1. Your Personal Page

Your personal page is, by definition, personal. But as any entrepreneur will tell you, your business is part and parcel to your personal life. And quite often, your ‘work’ life and your business will overlap. Same true on Facebook. And just like you might befriend clients or have friends who use your services, when you socialise with them, you don’t sell to them at all. Still, your friends are the first to know when you’ve got something new and exciting brewing, when you’re going to launch a wild and sexy new program or product. Your friends are the ones you run (well-thought out) ideas by, and of course, your friends are (hopefully) your biggest fans, and number one source of Word-of-Mouth, new business.

Okay, so let’s just shift that vision from the TGIFridays bar or Weekend Getaway to your personal Facebook page … see what I mean? You can use your personal page as a place to build solid friendships and share your BIG visions and cool ideas with your friends. No need to sell or try to do business. Just you, being yourself – but with your best face on.

2. A Fan Page

I really mean it when I say that every entrepreneur should have a fan page for their business. (I have 4, actually – one for each of my businesses!) Your fan page is the place to, well, build fans. This is where you can really cut your teeth in the ‘schmooze’ arena, and build your (virtual) social networking skills. This is where people get to find out directly about your products and services, and where you can have a direct impact on how people experience you. Do you want to create a landing page? Do you want to sell things? Do you want to simply inspire people and give them daily doses of ‘feel good’ messages so that when they’re ready to buy what you have to offer, they choose YOU? All of this is possible on a fan page.

3. A Group

Creating a private group is an awesome way to network with others, find Joint Venture (JV) partners, cultivate mutual support with peers and connect with industry insiders. You can create a group that’s as specific or as general as you’d like (and of course, you can join groups, too!) Here’s an example of some of the groups I am a member of:
~Energy Medicine where I tap into the latest info & tips for healing from Master energy healers.
~Heart-Centered Womenpreneurs for tips tools and guidance on everything from hiring a Virtual Assistant to choosing the right fulfillment house.
~Private Masterminds for my Mastermind group of business collaborators.

Of course, there are all kinds of fun groups too, but I find that I use them infrequently. During ‘work’ hours, Facebook is an integral part of my overall marketing strategy. I always have a tab opened to facebook, and regularly check my pages and groups and interact consistently. I do my best to like and respond to every comment placed on my major fan pages. And I share every relevant blog post I write on both my personal page, my fan pages, other fan pages and relevant private groups.

The results? A cumulative ‘reach’ of some 10,500 peeps. No joke.

Do you use Facebook to build your social networking skills and your personal brand? What’s your fav tip to share with this Juicy virtual community? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Facebooking!

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you know Dawn as the the author of DawnDelVecchio.com and the eBook, The 7 Keys to Unlock your Soul’s Purpose. But you might not know that she’s also a savvy solopreneur whose digital program, Marketing with Heart, has been helping juicy genius entrepreneurs rock their business life. Dawn teaches you how to create a solid, online presence with Strategic SEO, a sexy website, and of course, plenty of juicy social networking tips!