You’re SO Juicy

Inspiration & Interviews »

Looking for a dose of inspiration? Join us for our weekly Juicy Friday interviews with passionate and powerful female entrepreneurs who are making a difference (and a whole lotta moola). Here, you’ll also find other Juicy tidbits of info to get your heart completely aligned with all those ideas in your big ol’ head. Because, you’re OH so Juicy.

Wisdom For Rainy Days »

Feelin’ a little blue? Stressed? Emotional? We all hit those roadblocks in life that can have us feeling not-so-Juicy. But, just remember that (like the economy) emotions flow in cycles and with the ups, come the downs. The trick is, learning to lengthen those up times and shorten those down times. Here are some tips to help you do just that so you can be Juicy, even on those rainy days.

The Little Book of Juicy Secrets »

Want to hear our story of how we were able to escape the 9-5 and start living a life of passion and purpose? We tell all in our Little Book of Juicy Secrets as well as reveal our simple 3-step formula for finding your J-Spot. Oh, you know it.

You’re SO Genius

The 3 Big O’s of Business: Opportunity, Organization and Outsourcing »

Oh, oh, oh! Running a business can be tricky if you don’t learn to recognize the importance of these 3 things. Learning to spot the lucrative opportunities while graciously side-stepping the “too good to be true” opportunities is key to running a Genius biz. Once you know where to focus your energy, you want to make sure you stay productive and organized so you don’t fall into the procrastination trap! Remember, as Mr. da Vinci put it, “Geniuses often accomplish more when they work less”. Lastly, bringing in the right people to help you on the tasks you’d rather skip will have your biz strutting along in no time.

Online Biz Tips & Strategies »

This is where things get really Genius! As part of our new brand, we’re consistently releasing hot online business tips and strategies so you can start to grow and leveraging your online community! Here’s where you’ll find all of our Genius wisdom and ideas to start makin’ moola doing what you love!