Living Big And Juicy – How To Change Your Life In 3 Simple Steps

How to change your Life in 3 Simple Steps

Let me ask you something: are you living your biggest, juiciest life? I mean, how happy are you with your home, your career, your relationships?  Are you delighting in the satisfaction of these parts of living? Are you excited about the directions your heading? If not, then I’m going to ask you to do something that might seem a little scary – at first. If you want to know how to change your life, the answer is simple – although it might not be easy. If you’ve got courage my friend, then please read on …

A Courageous Woman

“Who me!?” I choked, when my lover said, “Dawn, you’re the most courageous person I know.” How could this be, I thought. And then I thought again. At 46, I’ve lived through plenty of ups and downs – and let me tell you, some of the ‘downers’ were a far cry from ‘juicy’ or ‘fun’. But here’s the thing: when my life stopped being satisfying at home, in my career(s) or my relationships, I didn’t sit by passively and complain (well, not for too long, anyway :)) Call me courageous or plain ole impatient with a life that’s anything less than my biggest, juiciest dream, but when I needed to, I made BIG changes.

Now I’m not advocating jumping from relationship to relationship, or job to job, but what I am suggesting is that by connecting with your inner guidance and being (sometimes brutally) honest with yourself, you can forge a big, fat juicy life designed by and for you. If I did it, I know you can too!

When the Writing’s on the Wall

When the proverbial writing was on the wall at several major junctures in my life, I employed 3 simple steps to make wonderful changes. It wasn’t always easy but let me tell you, it worked every time. I did it when, as a single mom, I moved my son and I across the country to start anew. I did it when I stepped into the boxing ring (yes, true – but another story entirely). I did it when I left what had once been a beautiful marriage that had gone very, sadly sour. I did it when I moved to the other side of the world and jump-started a career as a luxury travel writer just because it was my wild and crazy passion to do so. And I did it again when I moved a long, long way just to take another chance on love. It’s been like navigating a maze at times, (or maybe leaping off a cliff?) but in the end I can say for sure that my life is, well, big and juicy,  and I’m so thankful to myself for the bold moves I was willing to make using these 3 steps.

The 3 ‘simple-but-not-easy’ steps?

1. Listen within: Before anything else, create a regular time and place in your life for contemplation, meditation or reflection. This isn’t about trying to figure things out with your left brain. Nor is it about indulging in emotionally charged thoughts about what’s making you unhappy. This is about observing your thoughts, reflections and experiences and staying receptive to higher guidance that may come in the form of intuitive insights, images or impressions out of ‘left field’ or those lovely ‘coincidences’ that tend to repeat themselves. The more willing you are to consistently allow quiet time for reflecting on ‘what next?’ the quicker the answers will come.

2. Be honest: with yourself. What’s working? What’s not working? Where are you compromising or ‘settling’ for less than what you’re wanting? What scares you about making change in this part of your life? These are the questions to ask yourself. And if you want to super-charge the process, write the questions down and then answer them without ‘mentally editing’. You might be surprised at what comes out!

3. Take action: They say that the bigger the risk, the greater the reward. And it does seem to be true. When you are willing to play it BIG in life, life has a way of ‘showing up’ for you. Calculating your risks and a little bit of planning is great. So if your current career path appears to be headed to a dead end, do a little research. Are there other opportunities in the field of your passion? Is there a need for a genius idea you’ve got that you can make happen on your own? How would this look if it was your biggest, bestest, juiciest career? Getting feedback from sensible friends who truly want to see you live in your joy is also a good idea. Once you’ve got your vision shaped and clear, along with the first 2-3 steps you’ll take, it’s time to leap! This is when you want to be sure to put your all into your action. Heart, soul, passion and belief are the support system for the actions you take, so that if doubt or second-guessing step in, you can send them packing.

Where in your life do you need to make a big juicy change? What will it look like once you’ve taken action to make it the biggest and bestest it can be? Share your dream with me in the comments below.

Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker, self-empowerment coach, and teacher of Sacred Self-Knowing. She’s also the author & host of The Healer’s Way, a blog dedicated to Alternative & Energy Healing. Dawn’s sacred mission in life is to “Help people unlock the door to their soul’s greatest calling.” Her writing, teaching and workshops are lively, playful, content-rich & deeply transformative.


  1. Thanks Dawn, I would like to add that what gives me courage to step outside of my fears is that my desire to serve is greater than my fear, by being true to myself I am being true to the whole as I am not separate from the whole, and extending myself beyond the idea of the" little me" to the attitude of "how can I make a difference right now in my own life and.
    the greater whole with every thought, word and deed?" is a big motivating force in my life.

    1. Oh so beautifully put Caroline – thanks very much for sharing this! It's a wonderful message we can all use – that in service we thrive and when we are true to ourselves, service – in one way or another – is the inevitable result! Many blessing, xoxo Dawn

  2. Christine Rechlicz says:

    I'm beginning to ponder meditation – and have a corner that can be used to find serene moments in time – I'm at a time in my life where monetary disappeared with the economy to help me survive, where laws on the land have stopped me from seeing my goals and anger set in for I have the skills to work full time but ended up with 4 hour job at minimum wage, worried and feeling like a woman without a country, but through all this I've become a survivor and I've become a fighter and I've learned alot of lessons on my road of discovery. During meditation I'll do item 2 & 3 – and figure that one out and then act on it for I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will eventually live my life juicy again and more aware then I am now.

    1. Christine – thank you so much for commenting and sharing a bit about what's going on for you. Meditation is a POWERFUL tool to help us separate from the personality who is experiencing the negative emotions and the person who is experiencing 'hard times'. Through it, we connect with our greater self that exists beyond these temporary life dramas. Bravo for you for sticking with it! I am sure you will indeed move through these times and back to your Juicy life. I hold you in the light of that reality now, now NOW ! Many blessings, Dawn

  3. Angie R Gonzalez says:


    1. You're most welcome Angeles! I've just launched my new website – yay! – Feel free to visit me there:

  4. Sharon McClain says:

    Dawn, these are excellent tools. There's not a day that goes by that my brain is thinking of the perfect idea that will not only benefit my life, but others, also at the same time. It is fear, mostly, that stops me in my tracks. Now that you've outlined 3 easy steps, my vision may become clearer and I will have a better focus one step at a time…thanks again, for your heartfelt endeavors of reaching out and sharing such valuable info to us <3.

    1. hey Sharon – good to hear from you! Yay for you for taking the steps out of fear my friend! <3 also be sure to check out my book, The 7 Keys to Unlock your Soul's Calling (finally available as a download after much techno-confusions 🙂 you can get it on my site, Talk soon! xoxo

  5. Ana Mich says:

    Came across this page at the right time as at present I'm on hold while healing myself from some unpleasant actions 🙁 yet again I'm in the process of letting go for I need a big juicy change that leads me to a Juicy Life <3 Many thanks Dawn.

    1. Hi Ana – thanks for writing! I love when I get messages like yours – of Divinely Timed messages. It's a blessing to be the messenger 🙂 I hold you in the light of your Biggest, Juiciest life!!! <3

  6. Dazzle Cat says:

    Thanks Dawn, very inspiring, yet practical indeed!

    1. You're most welcome 'Dazzle' 🙂 How are you these days my dear? And how has your sister found the Silva program to be for her? <3

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