10 Social Networking Tips to Boost Your Business!

Today, the internet serves as a holy grail for business owners.

Why, you ask? Because it is one of the cheapest ways to reach an incredibly wide and diverse audience. Another reason? The internet, particularly social networking sites, such as Facebook or twitter, provide a great way to connect with clients, fans and friends, giving light to the things that interest and inspire you.

Many, however, seem to neglect the fact that interacting with an audience via social media is a precarious balance, a skill even. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to share, how much, and when.

Read this great article from the Laura Roeder Blog on how to use social media as a tool to expand your audience and customer base, and as a result build the business you’ve always wanted!

What to Say On Social Media- 10 Talk Worthy Topics.

by Adeah Wetzel

Are you participating with your friends, followers and likes on social media?
Okay, I hear the mumbling… “What do I share? Who cares if I am at the car-wash?”

Right. I get that a lot.

Try using these 10 talk worthy topics on social media (1-2 posts per day for 30 days) and I promise your perspective will be different… So will your business.

What to say on social media- 10 talk worthy topics

1. Things you treasure- Think about things that light your fire! It doesn’t matter how big or small , it seems people love these insider warm-fuzzies. So what is it for you? Mine are spiritual and personal growth, yummy foods, and funny things my kids say.

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How do you use social media to reach a wider audience? Share your ideas and feedback below!

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