Getting Back Into The Flow – 3 Simple Tips For Dealing With Stress

Dealing with stress has become ‘normal’ – but that doesn’t mean you have to let it get the best of you.

Overwhelm, fatigue, over-sensitivity, multi-tasking, micro-managing and a multitude of things to do … the usual symptoms and suspects of that all-too-common problem: stress. In today’s world, dealing with stress has become a ‘normal’ part of life – but that doesn’t mean you have to let stress get the best of you.

If you’ve been experiencing some of the above symptoms, or if you’re lacking motivation, having trouble sleeping, or just feeling like you’ve got a damn monkey on our back, constantly reminding you of everything you need to do, then here are 3 simple ways to lower your stress and get back into the flow of your life.

3 Simple Tips for Dealing with Stress

1. Meditate

I include this one first for a very important reason: it’s the single best thing you can do to reduce your stress levels and increase your capacity to actually handle stress. A daily dose of meditation – even 15 minutes – will go a long way toward helping you cope with life, period. Keep in mind though, that if you’re not meditating yet, your first experiences may feel more like an exercise in trying your patience than easing your mind. But I promise you, if you give yourself – and stick with it! – just 15 minutes a day every day to sit still and focus on your breath (or any kind of meditation method will do), you’ll find that, after about 40 days, you’re ability to handle life and life’s stresses will improve dramatically.

2. Breath

And don’t wait ’til your blood’s about to boil! If you take 7 slow, deep breaths, several times a day, you’ll feel enriched! Why? Because you’re literally enriching your blood with more oxygen. More than that, deep breaths help your muscles and mind relax a little bit and refocus into the present moment – always helpful when you’ve got a lot of work on your proverbial plate 🙂

3. Laugh

It’s good medicine you know! When all else fails and you feel like throwing your laptop out the window,having a screaming fit or pile-driving that annoying co-worker into the ground, it’s time to take a step back, put it all in perspective and have a good laugh at yourself. Too much stress is often (but not always) the result of taking yourself or your situation a little too seriously. So unless you’re dealing with the stress of war or imminent harm to you, or someone you love, chances are, it really ain’t that bad. So go ahead, have a little chuckle, then follow-up with #2 (above) and get back to your life renewed.

What’s your best tip for dealing with stress? Let us know in the comments below.

Many blessings,

Dawn DelVecchio Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker and self-empowerment coach. She’s the author & host of, where she shares insights, tips and practical tools for living a life of joy and abundance. Her eBook, The 7 Keys to Unlock your Soul’s Purpose is a simple guide to connect with your truest calling in this life. Dawn’s intent is to “Help people unlock the door to their soul’s calling so they can live in the joy and abundance they were meant for.”


  1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

    I know with all the traveling Leanne and I do, we are constantly finding ourselves out of flow. Dawn, thank you for this! <3 <3 <3 it!

    1. oh so true Alex! I'm just back from 3 consecutive conferences in Las vegas, India & Scottsdale – all with totally different agendas! Talk about a pile-up of work! Breathing, breathing, breathing … <3 <3 <3

    2. Alexandra Cattoni says:

      lol. You're such a Juicy Genius Dawn! xoxoxo

    3. Alexandra Cattoni takes one to know one, eh? 😉 xoxo

  2. Leanne Kallal says:

    I love how simple these are to implement…from now on I'm going to say "MBL, MBL" to remind myself to meditate, breath and laugh! <3

    1. love it! MBL!!!! <3 <3 <3

    2. Leanne Kallal says:

      Dawn DelVecchio I think I could even make a little jingle about it….I see a YouTube video in the near future! hhaha

    3. Leanne Kallal love it!