For Your Juicy ‘Tool Kit’ – 3 Tips For Quick Stress Reduction!

Even the best of plans don’t always turn out the way we want, and when sh*t happens, stress usually comes along for the ride.

As an entrepreneur and writer, facing deadlines is pretty much an every day occurance for me – which is really pretty funny when I think about how poorly I used to handle stress! Whatever your career or lifestyle though, stress reduction techniques should be a part of your ‘tool kit’ of valuable living skills. Why? Because even the best of plans don’t always turn out the way we want them to. (In other words, sh*t happens). And when sh*t happens, stress usually comes along for the ride.

There are plenty of wonderful ‘tools’ out there for reducing stress in your personal and professional life, but what I’ve found is that, across the board there are three really simple things anyone can make work in a pinch.

3 Tips for Quick Stress Reduction

1. Breath. You know that old thing about taking a breath and counting to 10? Well, I can tell you from experience – it works! And there’s actually a physiological reason why. You see, when you take a few deep breaths, you supply more oxygen to your brain and your body via the blood. This empowers you to respond rather than react to stress factors. And the counting to ten? Well, that just gives you time to chill the heck out before doing something you’ll regret later 🙂

2. Flip it on its Head. Whatever it is that’s stressing you out, simply ‘flip it’ in your mind. Ask yourself: “What’s the funniest thing about this annoying situation?” or “The 3 good things that can come of this are …” or I can find at least one benefit from resolving this, and that’s …” When you take a moment to look at the stress from a totally different angle, you can release pressure as quickly as putting a pin to a balloon.

3. Step Away. Even if you have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, walking away from what’s making you batty for a few minutes can do a world of good. Of course, once you’re there, be sure to employ tips 1 & 2 for best results 🙂

What do you do to reduce stress in a pinch? Share your juiciest tips with us in the comments below.

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Dawn DelVecchio Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker and self-empowerment coach. She’s the author & host of, where she shares insights, tips and practical tools for living a life of joy and abundance. Her eBook, The 7 Keys to Unlock your Soul’s Purpose is a simple guide to connect with your truest calling in this life. Dawn’s intent is to “Help people unlock the door to their soul’s calling so they can live in the joy and abundance they were meant for.”


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