“I Am Because We Are” – Ancient African Wisdom & Other Juicy Tidbits From Loren Slocum!

Juicy Geniuses Interview Series Week 10:
Loren Slocum – Founder of LoBella.com, Author, Tony Robbins Facilitator and Mother Extraordinaire!

Hi Lassies!

Happy Friday everyone and hold on to your knickers because we have an extra hot interview to share with you today!!

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Loren Slocum and “WOW!” does not even begin to do this woman (and all that she’s up to!) justice!

Our good friend Kevin recognized that Loren was a supremely Juicy Genius and introduced us to her and all we can say is, thank you for the fine hook up Kevin!

Loren is a mother of a teen, a tween and a toddler, which in and of itself is a full time job at the best of times. On top of being a full time mom, Loren is the Founder of LoBella, an organization with the purpose of helping women “stay true to who they are” and realize their natural gifts.

She is also the author of 2 books, ‘No Greater Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom” and “Life Tuneups” which was featured in People magazine as one of the most inspirational books of 2010 along side the Dala Lamai’s book!

Loren has also been featured in over 30 publications including Success Magazine, Women’s World, Ladies Home Journal, Martha Stuart, Working Mother, Parenting and the list goes on….

She’s also been in other National Media outlets such as Oprah Radio, Fox News and Dr. Laura.

On top of being a kick-ass entrepreneur, extraordinary mother and author, Loren has also worked with the Tony Robbins organization for the past 23 years and has taught his Life Mastery program over 100 times!

Pretty damn juicy, right?!

To find out more about how this Juicy Genius does all that she does, watch the interview below where we talk about:

  • Why re-evaluating and reinventing yourself on a regular basis is a MUST.
  • The amazing power of staying true to who you are as a women and how this power can be harnessed to accomplish great things.
  • Why taking time to figure out what you actually want to do with your life is KEY to living a life of success and fulfilment.
  • The empowering morning ritual that Loren does each and everyday (HINT: It involves the phrase “I AM” being repeated multiple times!)
  • When Loren recognized the type of people she wanted to spend time with and how making this change, altered her path in life.
  • Plus many more juicy, juicy insights from Loren!

Listen to this inspiring interview below 🙂

Push the play button below to listen to this interview! Or, download it so you can pop it on your iPod!

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What was one Juicy insight you took away from this interview that you can apply immediately to your life? Share with us in the comment section below and let us know how implementing this tip will change your life!

If you enjoyed listening to Loren and want to find out more about who she is and what she’s up to, you can find her on Facebook or at LoBella.com

Loren has also shared her personal email address with everyone and we encourage you to reach out to this Juicy Genius with any questions you have!

Loren on Facebook

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Friday everyone!

XO & Juicy Love,

Alex & Leanne


  1. Leanne Kallal says:

    This was a truly, inspiring interview! Loren Slocum knows who she is, what she values and is motivated to help women be successful by staying true to who they are! Thanks for the awesome interview Loren – you're an inspiration for many!

    1. Kevin Donahue says:

      big fan

  2. Beth Watson says:

    claim your womanly power = juicily genius.

    1. Leanne Kallal says:

      Thanks Beth! We're glad you enjoyed it! What was your favorite part or that one juicy tip that really resonated with you?

    2. Beth Watson says:

      Leanne Kallal I AM SEXY I AM I AM I AM haha.. i use affirmations daily, they are incredible

    3. Leanne Kallal says:

      Beth Watson hahah LOVE it!! And I agree…affirmations are awesome!

  3. I don't know how I found this site (Juicy Genius), but I'm sure glad I did, and I'm especially glad I saw this email and did not overlook it. " I am because we are".

    1. Leanne Kallal says:

      Hi Jody! Welcome to the site and the community! We're happy to have you here and glad to hear you enjoy Juicy Geniuses!

    2. Hey Jodie is that Juice Newton. LOL

  4. Loren Schandler Slocum says:

    Thanks Ladies! It was fun talking with you Juicy Geniues! Looking forward to working together in the future!

    1. Alexandra Cattoni says:

      It was so fun interviewing you Loren! You're such a Juicy Genius! Can't wait to see how we can collaborate in the future 🙂

    2. Leanne Kallal says:

      It was a great time and look forward to connecting again soon! And hope you enjoyed Toronto 🙂

  5. Teresa Davis says:

    Most inspiring interview yet… can't wait to look at Loren's website!

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