I Am Woman… See Me Grow a Million Dollar Business

Start-up activity by women leaped 54% and surpassed the overall business creation growth rate of 37%.

I came across this article in the Entrepreneur magazine and I was immediately drawn to share it with the community.

Aside from talking about how “more women are starting businesses, and more woman-owned $1 million businesses are growing”, this article highlighted 3 reasons why women are becoming more empowered to start their own business.

Here are the three reasons they believe women owned businesses are on the rise…

“1) First is the growth of women’s networking activity, which has flourished in recent years. Groups such as Ladies Who Launch and Wild Women Entrepreneurs are attracting younger women, as well as women looking to grow big, national companies. Having a support group of other women peers who are serious about entrepreneurship can make a big difference, giving women more resources and simply the belief that they can grow a big company.

2) Second, there’s been progress for women in cracking the once male-dominated club of angel finance and venture capital. Now, many women have gained enough success that they have become angels, too. Some of those women investors are particularly motivated to help other women grow their companies.

3) Finally, there’s the internet. Many women start businesses at their kitchen table while they juggle childcare responsibilities. The ability to reach — and sell to — the whole world without ever leaving home is a boon for women entrepreneurs.”

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I believe there are other reasons that women are starting their own businesses too.

Over the past couple of decades, more women have entered the work force and have proven to be very successful. There has also been a shift from people “working to just get by”, to people “doing what they love”. A lot of women who used “just take care of the kids” are now recognizing the importance of their own happiness and success and are starting their own businesses.

They’re passionate and driven to achieve what it’s important to them and in general, most women have the organizational skills and intuitive sight to see and pursue opportunities in business.

Why do you think women are becoming more successful in business?

What new business ventures do you want to pursue?

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